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    • For good luck

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      For good luck

      Entertainment Editor's Choice
      by MrT

      Many symbols are seen as being lucky.

      Other symbols are seen as having the ability to bring good fortune. Different cultures also have symbols for warding off bad fortune, whereas yet other symbols are seen as wish makers.

      Do you recognize these symbols of luck from around the world?

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      Lucky Charms
  1. Wednesday

    16 Aug

    • Cinema History: 1994

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      Cinema History: 1994

      by Rumpleteazer

      A look at the films and events of 1994
      Abbreviations: AA Academy Award, BP Best Picture, BD Best Director, BA Best Actor, BAs Best Actress, HGF Highest Grossing Film, R Released.
      Note the Academy Awards relate to those presented in the quiz year (so cover films released in the previous year)

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      Cinema 1994
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    15 Aug

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