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    • Top German Composers (some of them)

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      Top German Composers (some of them)

      Music Brand New
      by amariliscello

      Germany has given humanity some of the very best composers in musical history from Middle Ages until nowadays. Are you able to say who they were, when they lived and what their style was? Play this game and you may learn something new!!
      (PS: Haydn and Mozart were not born in Germany!!)

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      Nice Game by amariliscello
  1. Friday

    26 May

    • Giro d'Italia - Mythical climbs

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      Giro d'Italia - Mythical climbs

      by paulfunI

      I really like the climbs on the Giro d'Italia. Even though the way down scares me very much! Montevergine di Mercoglilano is east of Naples. Cima Coppi is a prize on the highest climb every year. This year Passo Giau, 2236 metres. Fausto Coppi was a great cyclist in the 30's and 40's.

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      Will Tom Dumoulin bring La Maglia Rosa to Milano?
  2. Thursday

    25 May

    • Cinema History: 1997

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      Cinema History: 1997

      by Rumpleteazer

      A look at the films and events of 1997
      Abbreviations: AA Academy Award, BP Best Picture, BD Best Director, BA Best Actor, BAs Best Actress, HGF Highest Grossing Film, R Released.
      Note the Academy Awards relate to those presented in the quiz year (so cover films released in the previous year)

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      Cinema 1997
    • 2008

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      from the group Cinema
      Running for another 2 weeks 6 days 1 hour 41 minutes
      The tourmament has 24 games
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      Cinema 2008
  3. Wednesday

    24 May

    • Capital or Not

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      Capital or Not

      GeographyEditor's Choice
      a playlist by tickman containing 26 games

      It's Tickman's series of "Capital or Not" games:

      Given several options, can you find the correct location of each capital?

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      great Geography list
  4. Tuesday

    23 May