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The Countries of Europe 1914
The Countries of Europe 1914 ECby Niklas 592,161 plays 21p Image Quiz
Battles of WWI
Battles of WWI ECby Niklas 4,972 plays 11p Image Quiz
What Do You Know About WWI
What Do You Know About WWI by RonaldDerGrosse 4,110 plays 30p Multiple-Choice
1914 Europe
1914 Europe by jburdick 2,897 plays 22p Image Quiz
Airplanes of WWI
Airplanes of WWI by Niklas 1,355 plays 12p Image Quiz
Europe After World War I
Europe After World War I by NTekieli 769 plays 26p Image Quiz
Historic Military Helmets
Historic Military Helmets by FS 544 plays 11p Image Quiz
Flying Aces of World War I
Flying Aces of World War I by FS 509 plays 12p Image Quiz
WWI or WWII? by paulfunI 505 plays 14p Matching Game
Post WWI Map of Europe
Post WWI Map of Europe by FrannyG98 471 plays 30p Image Quiz
WW I - What if...
WW I - What if... by paulfunI 334 plays 16p Image Quiz
Africa in 1914
Africa in 1914 by Ashgabat 273 plays 54p Image Quiz
WWI Soldier
WWI Soldier by kellyemo 254 plays 13p Image Quiz
Az első világháború helyszínei
Az első világháború helyszínei by emeralgo 182 plays 21p Image Quiz
WWI Tanks
WWI Tanks ECby Eduard.Barkov 115 plays 8p Image Quiz
Kaiserreich Map of Europe
Kaiserreich Map of Europe by thezombiecreeper 104 plays 48p Shape Quiz
Poets of World War 1
Poets of World War 1 by Rumpleteazer 97 plays 20p Matching Game
[US II] Midterm Map Questions
[US II] Midterm Map Questions by mechanic21 32 plays 12p Image Quiz
Important politicians WWI
Important politicians WWI by MihailSmirnov 31 plays 8p Image Quiz
WWI alliances
WWI alliances by violetblue 28 plays 6p Image Quiz
WWI agitation posters
WWI agitation posters by ViktorAgen 12 plays 8p Image Quiz
The Balkans in 1910
The Balkans in 1910 by thezombiecreeper 11 plays 11p Shape Quiz
Countries of Europe WWI
Countries of Europe WWI by Sherbs 9 plays 30p Image Quiz

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