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Major battles and events of  WW2
Major battles and events of WW2 ECby Thomsiboms 149,122 plays 30p Image Quiz
Europe's Political status in 1937
Europe's Political status in 1937 ECby tassos 8,962 plays 29p Image Quiz
Airplanes of WWII, Fighters
Airplanes of WWII, Fighters ECby Niklas 3,011 plays 12p Image Quiz
Operation Overlord
Operation Overlord ECby Niklas 1,821 plays 16p Image Quiz
Important People of WWII
Important People of WWII by jburdick 1,526 plays 9p Image Quiz
Airplanes of WWII, Bombers
Airplanes of WWII, Bombers by Niklas 1,378 plays 14p Image Quiz
Sir Winston Churchill - Timeline
Sir Winston Churchill - Timeline by Niklas 1,160 plays 20p Image Quiz
Airplanes of WW2
Airplanes of WW2 by tomasisaksson 674 plays 19p Image Quiz
Cities in Post-War Europe
Cities in Post-War Europe by LexieVDH 639 plays 30p Image Quiz
Drugi svjetski rat
Drugi svjetski rat by mscout 338 plays 4p Multiple-Choice
europe by j38 248 plays 4p Image Quiz
3 Major Happenings of WW2
3 Major Happenings of WW2 by tomjem 236 plays 3p Image Quiz
Battleships of WW2
Battleships of WW2 by Gravy theGoat 222 plays 9p Image Quiz
Axis Powers in Europe
Axis Powers in Europe by Chuperca 205 plays 8p Image Quiz
Commandos 2 characters
Commandos 2 characters by Kazzagen 180 plays 8p Image Quiz
British TV: Dad's Army
British TV: Dad's Army by Rumpleteazer 163 plays 13p Image Quiz
Hero City (gorod-geroy)
Hero City (gorod-geroy) by Andrej Aleksandrovic 155 plays 13p Image Quiz
War Posters NEW!
War Posters NEW! by Chuperca 151 plays 12p Image Quiz
Nazi leaders & their destinies
Nazi leaders & their destinies ECby Grainbeer 138 plays 10p Matching Game
Europe before WW2
Europe before WW2 by vanweringh 103 plays 28p Image Quiz
Collaborationists of WW2
Collaborationists of WW2 by Chuperca 68 plays 12p Image Quiz
World War 2
World War 2 by stgeorge101 66 plays 4p Image Quiz
Countries during WW2 Europe
Countries during WW2 Europe by Silverwill 61 plays 31p Image Quiz
WW2 Liders
WW2 Liders by dmitripantjuhhin 59 plays 8p Image Quiz
Romanian generals of WW2
Romanian generals of WW2 by Chuperca 57 plays 15p Image Quiz
Germany After WW2
Germany After WW2 by GrizzlyGabe 49 plays 5p Image Quiz
WW2 Leaders
WW2 Leaders by JoeCamel 38 plays 25p Image Quiz
Hungarian generals of WW2
Hungarian generals of WW2 by Chuperca 36 plays 15p Image Quiz
Europe On the Cusp Of WW2
Europe On the Cusp Of WW2 by acoates 33 plays 53p Image Quiz
Finnish Generals of WW2
Finnish Generals of WW2 by Chuperca 29 plays 12p Image Quiz
Countries Of Europe
Countries Of Europe by szoedalry1 29 plays 20p Image Quiz
Warplanes of WW2
Warplanes of WW2 by Sergeant Lucas 22 plays 12p Image Quiz

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