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Find 10 Words
Find 10 Words ECby Ronald33 224,807 plays 10p Image Quiz
Just French Clothes
Just French Clothes by Sabine 15,846 plays 25p Image Quiz
Am Strand (German)
Am Strand (German) by equestenebrarum 7,676 plays 13p Image Quiz
Högskoleprovet Övning - ORD
Högskoleprovet Övning - ORD by Klas-Henrik 7,589 plays 40p Multiple-Choice
German Furniture (Vocabulary)
German Furniture (Vocabulary) by equestenebrarum 5,926 plays 28p Image Quiz
French with Vincent Van Gogh
French with Vincent Van Gogh by RonaldDerGrosse 4,858 plays 25p Image Quiz
The House
The House by Mogadishu 4,790 plays 17p Image Quiz
Frequently Misspelled Words (J - Z)
Frequently Misspelled Words (J - Z) by Dal 4,487 plays 20p Multiple-Choice
German Names 1
German Names 1 by equestenebrarum 2,821 plays 12p Image Quiz
Can You Spell?
Can You Spell? by RonaldDerGrosse 2,564 plays 56p Image Quiz
English Numbers Part 1
English Numbers Part 1 by RonaldDerGrosse 1,965 plays 20p Image Quiz
German Opposites Revised Part 1
German Opposites Revised Part 1 by RonaldDerGrosse 1,741 plays 27p Image Quiz
Can you spell the 10 most misspelled words?
Can you spell the 10 most misspelled words? by TheAppleMan 1,581 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
Common French Things
Common French Things by Sabine 1,313 plays 22p Image Quiz
German Names 2
German Names 2 by equestenebrarum 1,206 plays 11p Image Quiz
European Linguistic Necessities
European Linguistic Necessities by RonaldDerGrosse 1,148 plays 76p Image Quiz
More Ologies in Biology
More Ologies in Biology by RonaldDerGrosse 1,096 plays 19p Image Quiz
Assorted German
Assorted German by equestenebrarum 871 plays 11p Image Quiz
German Vocabulary Game
German Vocabulary Game by Lemona 836 plays 29p Multiple-Choice
Really Big Words
Really Big Words ECby Snavelaar 774 plays 18p Image Quiz
Spanish WordS
Spanish WordS by isalimac 758 plays 8p Image Quiz
Unit 13 Spelling Words
Unit 13 Spelling Words by mmalone192003 733 plays 20p Multiple-Choice
Francophile or Anglophile or Both
Francophile or Anglophile or Both by RonaldDerGrosse 727 plays 15p Multiple-Choice
German Class 101
German Class 101 by RonaldDerGrosse 676 plays 43p Image Quiz
French Is an Art
French Is an Art by Sabine 604 plays 34p Image Quiz
English for Modern Times
English for Modern Times ECby RonaldDerGrosse 585 plays 51p Image Quiz
Complete That Famous Line
Complete That Famous Line by RonaldDerGrosse 579 plays 43p Image Quiz
English Numbers 21-50 Part 1
English Numbers 21-50 Part 1 by RonaldDerGrosse 535 plays 30p Image Quiz
Vocabulary Builder (Theme: Relating to Time)
Vocabulary Builder (Theme: Relating to Time) by Dal 496 plays 20p Multiple-Choice
American Youth Colloquialisms
American Youth Colloquialisms by slaaty 461 plays 16p Image Quiz
Vocabulary Builder (Theme:  With Feeling)
Vocabulary Builder (Theme: With Feeling) by Dal 446 plays 20p Multiple-Choice
I can read - words 1
I can read - words 1 by Lynnp 444 plays 15p Image Quiz
Irony by tickman 424 plays 14p Multiple-Choice
TILDE ... by Ulisesyo 391 plays 15p Image Quiz
Common Bonds
Common Bonds by tickman 390 plays 20p Multiple-Choice
English Nursery Rhymes - 2
English Nursery Rhymes - 2 ECby tiggs 379 plays 9p Shape Quiz
Match the words together
Match the words together by CRAZY DAVE 366 plays 12p Matching Game
French Clothes Names
French Clothes Names by Sabine 350 plays 50p Image Quiz
Big cities with ...
Big cities with ... "ant" by Wentu 348 plays 20p Image Quiz
PASAPALABRA de ANIMALES... by Ulisesyo 346 plays 20p Multiple-Choice
Similar words
Similar words by kennera1 332 plays 15p Multiple-Choice
Game of Lexiphobia
Game of Lexiphobia by RonaldDerGrosse 301 plays 18p Image Quiz
Chinese Food
Chinese Food by RonaldDerGrosse 286 plays 21p Image Quiz
Do You Know Your Logies?
Do You Know Your Logies? by RonaldDerGrosse 277 plays 39p Image Quiz
Months Of The Year
Months Of The Year ECby Rumpleteazer 263 plays 12p Image Quiz
Vocabulary Builder (Theme:  Talking)
Vocabulary Builder (Theme: Talking) by Dal 253 plays 20p Multiple-Choice
SPELLING by $$$$$ 239 plays 1p Multiple-Choice
Wordsearch Transport (easy)
Wordsearch Transport (easy) by EvilFreD 217 plays 18p Image Quiz
TILDE ... by Ulisesyo 216 plays 20p Image Quiz
Pick the right words
Pick the right words by Raab221 211 plays 12p Image Quiz
English Numbers 21-50 Part 2
English Numbers 21-50 Part 2 by RonaldDerGrosse 202 plays 30p Image Quiz
Misheard Lyrics and Lines (Mondegreens)
Misheard Lyrics and Lines (Mondegreens) by tickman 200 plays 15p Multiple-Choice
Days Of The Week
Days Of The Week by Rumpleteazer 194 plays 7p Image Quiz
Vocabulary Builder (Theme: Where It's At)
Vocabulary Builder (Theme: Where It's At) by Dal 187 plays 20p Multiple-Choice

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