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Japanese Weapons
Japanese Weapons ECby Rip 3,800 plays 10p Image Quiz
Fat Man Atomic Bomb
Fat Man Atomic Bomb by tickman 1,771 plays 17p Image Quiz
US Army Weapons
US Army Weapons by CadetTerry 1,361 plays 9p Image Quiz
Weapons (Handguns)
Weapons (Handguns) ECby Raab221 1,327 plays 9p Image Quiz
Hand weapons - Kyokushin Karate
Hand weapons - Kyokushin Karate by Vinternatt 1,071 plays 9p Image Quiz
Who's got them there Nukes
Who's got them there Nukes ECby Doffa 887 plays 24p Image Quiz
GUNS ECby Remington 647 plays 5p Image Quiz
Swords from LOTR
Swords from LOTR by Mano308gts 574 plays 8p Image Quiz
UZI no.2
UZI no.2 ECby Remington 522 plays 12p Shape Quiz
Little Boy Atomic Bomb
Little Boy Atomic Bomb by tickman 438 plays 16p Image Quiz
Countries with Nuclear Weapons
Countries with Nuclear Weapons by bigphil 400 plays 9p Image Quiz
Halo 2 Weapons
Halo 2 Weapons by bucsman28 390 plays 14p Image Quiz
Swords of all Ages
Swords of all Ages ECby Constantia 387 plays 14p Image Quiz
Foot weapons - Kyokushin Karate
Foot weapons - Kyokushin Karate by Vinternatt 367 plays 7p Image Quiz
Heckler & Koch Heavy Weapons
Heckler & Koch Heavy Weapons by FS 357 plays 10p Image Quiz
Countries with nuclear weapons
Countries with nuclear weapons by Wentu 299 plays 22p Image Quiz
Russian Army Weapons
Russian Army Weapons by Chuperca 275 plays 9p Image Quiz
Weapons (Assault Rifles)
Weapons (Assault Rifles) by Raab221 272 plays 12p Image Quiz
Swords and their names.
Swords and their names. by Mano308gts 269 plays 13p Multiple-Choice
Heckler & Koch G 36 (English)
Heckler & Koch G 36 (English) by FS 248 plays 12p Image Quiz
Nuclear weapons test types
Nuclear weapons test types by Wentu 236 plays 11p Image Quiz
AR-15 no.2
AR-15 no.2 by Remington 203 plays 12p Shape Quiz
Medieval Weapons: Siege Engines
Medieval Weapons: Siege Engines by geosoccer 200 plays 6p Shape Quiz
Firearms: Gas-operated reloading
Firearms: Gas-operated reloading by heateh 181 plays 6p Image Quiz
Kyokushin Hand Weapons
Kyokushin Hand Weapons by Vinternatt 160 plays 8p Image Quiz
MW2 Weapons
MW2 Weapons by Erblin22 130 plays 23p Image Quiz
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) by Jonas­ 120 plays 16p Image Quiz
Warriors during History
Warriors during History by nikko707 118 plays 19p Image Quiz
Weapons: Scythe
Weapons: Scythe by heateh 115 plays 8p Image Quiz
Sword Terminology
Sword Terminology by FS 97 plays 15p Image Quiz
 Weapons (Knives)
Weapons (Knives) by Raab221 71 plays 9p Image Quiz
AR-15 assault rifle no.1
AR-15 assault rifle no.1 by Remington 66 plays 11p Image Quiz
Bundeswehr Weapons
Bundeswehr Weapons by Chuperca 58 plays 9p Image Quiz
Heckler & Koch G 36 (German)
Heckler & Koch G 36 (German) by FS 44 plays 12p Image Quiz
AK-47 no.3
AK-47 no.3 by Remington 40 plays 17p Image Quiz
UZI no.1
UZI no.1 by Remington 39 plays 10p Image Quiz
[WWII Weapons & Supplies
[WWII Weapons & Supplies by AndrewDonald14 39 plays 21p Image Quiz
the Largest Cannons
the Largest Cannons by Wentu 36 plays 15p Image Quiz
AR-15 no.4
AR-15 no.4 by Remington 33 plays 26p Shape Quiz
F2000 no.3
F2000 no.3 by Remington 31 plays 13p Image Quiz

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Bay of Biscay
Bay of Biscay19p Image Quiz
Tour de France winners
Tour de France winners10p Multiple-Choice
Rivers of Spain
Rivers of Spain8p Image Quiz
ESPAÑA...20p Multiple-Choice