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Swords of all Ages
Swords of all Ages ECby Constantia 364 plays 14p Image Quiz
Revolutionary War Battles
Revolutionary War Battles by Americasarmy1783 361 plays 15p Image Quiz
Historically divided islands
Historically divided islands by Wentu 332 plays 16p Image Quiz
CIVIL WAR by fireton 325 plays 5p Image Quiz
Amphibious Invasions 1: Europe
Amphibious Invasions 1: Europe by tickman 323 plays 14p Image Quiz
Call Of Duty 4
Call Of Duty 4 by Thomas S J 321 plays 14p Image Quiz
Ottoman Empire and Turkey after WWI
Ottoman Empire and Turkey after WWI ECby apokar 320 plays 13p Shape Quiz
Mexican Drug War (2010)
Mexican Drug War (2010) ECby heateh 302 plays 18p Image Quiz
Countries with nuclear weapons
Countries with nuclear weapons by Wentu 299 plays 22p Image Quiz
Great Pacific Battles
Great Pacific Battles by Brainiest 294 plays 12p Image Quiz
Longest wars
Longest wars by Mr. Espeso 285 plays 14p Image Quiz
War Movies II
War Movies II by MrT 283 plays 30p Image Quiz
Functionalism and abstract art
Functionalism and abstract art ECby Mr. Espeso 278 plays 20p Shape Quiz
WW II - D-Day and End of War
WW II - D-Day and End of War ECby paulfunI 262 plays 16p Image Quiz
Crimea Flag (part of Ukraine)
Crimea Flag (part of Ukraine) by Geographonic 262 plays 3p Shape Quiz
Airborne Assault: Europe WWII
Airborne Assault: Europe WWII by tickman 252 plays 17p Image Quiz
War Movies
War Movies ECby MrT 243 plays 30p Image Quiz
World War II by the Book
World War II by the Book by tickman 241 plays 20p Image Quiz
World War 2
World War 2 by Conquistador 240 plays 20p Multiple-Choice
Syria in 2013
Syria in 2013 ECby Geographonic 230 plays 9p Image Quiz
Ancient Greece & his wars
Ancient Greece & his wars by pipella 230 plays 4p Multiple-Choice
Nuclear explosions 1
Nuclear explosions 1 by Wentu 229 plays 8p Image Quiz
The Slave States of the Civil War
The Slave States of the Civil War by garyrobk 229 plays 11p Image Quiz
Airborne Assault: Post WW II
Airborne Assault: Post WW II by tickman 214 plays 12p Image Quiz
Vietnam War Films
Vietnam War Films by antonio-epc 208 plays 8p Image Quiz
WWII Carrier Based Aircraft
WWII Carrier Based Aircraft by Rednas 207 plays 14p Image Quiz
La Guerra de Troya
La Guerra de Troya by israelhurtado 206 plays 3p Multiple-Choice
Amphibious Invasions 2: Worldwide
Amphibious Invasions 2: Worldwide by tickman 199 plays 20p Image Quiz
Airborne Assault: Pacific WWII
Airborne Assault: Pacific WWII by tickman 197 plays 11p Image Quiz
Nuclear Explosions 2
Nuclear Explosions 2 by Wentu 192 plays 14p Image Quiz
Warships by tickman 187 plays 25p Multiple-Choice
3rd Generation Jet Fighters
3rd Generation Jet Fighters by Rednas 184 plays 14p Image Quiz

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Games tagged 'China'

Shanghai (physical)
Shanghai (physical)7p Image Quiz
China Neighbors
China Neighbors17p Image Quiz
China: Province or not?
China: Province or not?33p Multiple-Choice
Beniretto China Final
Beniretto China Final17p Image Quiz
Rivers in Asia
Rivers in Asia 7p Shape Quiz

Top Games of Type 'Multiple-Choice'

Microsoft Word Vocabulary
Microsoft Word Vocabulary20p Multiple-Choice
Info pet
Info pet13p Multiple-Choice
Long Bone Anatomy
Long Bone Anatomy25p Multiple-Choice
Excel Basics
Excel Basics21p Multiple-Choice
Islam questions!
Islam questions!10p Multiple-Choice
Ir +a+infinitive
Ir +a+infinitive10p Multiple-Choice
Spelling 1-100 in Spanish
Spelling 1-100 in Spanish47p Multiple-Choice
Flower Definitions
Flower Definitions15p Multiple-Choice