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House - La casa (Spanish vocabulary)
House - La casa (Spanish vocabulary) by Wakarimasen 160,531 plays 16p Image Quiz
Prepositions (Spanish vocabulary)
Prepositions (Spanish vocabulary) by Wakarimasen 64,640 plays 11p Image Quiz
Das Wohnzimmer / The Living Room
Das Wohnzimmer / The Living Room by kcoutlaw 30,542 plays 19p Image Quiz
Nacionalidades Hispanas
Nacionalidades Hispanas by Taylor-Roman 29,806 plays 18p Image Quiz
External Parts of a Frog
External Parts of a Frog by acLiLtocLiMB 29,133 plays 11p Image Quiz
Animal Body Parts
Animal Body Parts by acLiLtocLiMB 26,716 plays 15p Image Quiz
Clothing (Spanish Vocabulary)
Clothing (Spanish Vocabulary) ECby Wakarimasen 26,167 plays 24p Image Quiz
Les vetements
Les vetements ECby LMaggieO 18,728 plays 18p Image Quiz
Deutsche Verben (German Verbs)
Deutsche Verben (German Verbs) by equestenebrarum 16,539 plays 17p Image Quiz
Just French Clothes
Just French Clothes by Sabine 16,335 plays 25p Image Quiz
Body parts (Spanish vocabulary)
Body parts (Spanish vocabulary) by Wakarimasen 15,364 plays 21p Image Quiz
Geometric Shapes
Geometric Shapes by acLiLtocLiMB 13,370 plays 14p Image Quiz
French Fruits and Vegetables
French Fruits and Vegetables ECby Sabine 12,372 plays 28p Image Quiz
Vocabulary Words ACT SAT Test 1
Vocabulary Words ACT SAT Test 1 by rodney.dunham 11,128 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
Plant Cell Diagram
Plant Cell Diagram by 10,861 plays 14p Image Quiz
La salle de classe
La salle de classe by LMaggieO 9,789 plays 23p Image Quiz
Das Badezimmer / The Bathroom
Das Badezimmer / The Bathroom by kcoutlaw 9,495 plays 25p Image Quiz
Multiple Meaning Words
Multiple Meaning Words by tonyachull 9,271 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
Types of Houses
Types of Houses by acLiLtocLiMB 8,577 plays 8p Image Quiz
German Foods / Gehen wir einkaufen!
German Foods / Gehen wir einkaufen! by kcoutlaw 8,435 plays 20p Image Quiz
ACT Word Test 2
ACT Word Test 2 by rodney.dunham 8,199 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
French Foods
French Foods by Sabine 8,192 plays 20p Image Quiz
Seasons in Spanish
Seasons in Spanish by Sunny1 7,960 plays 5p Shape Quiz
Am Strand (German)
Am Strand (German) by equestenebrarum 7,912 plays 13p Image Quiz
German Furniture
German Furniture by kcoutlaw 7,519 plays 20p Image Quiz
Common Spanish Verbs 2
Common Spanish Verbs 2 by Wakarimasen 6,557 plays 21p Image Quiz
ACT SAT Vocabulary Test 4
ACT SAT Vocabulary Test 4 by rodney.dunham 6,351 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
German Furniture (Vocabulary)
German Furniture (Vocabulary) by equestenebrarum 6,064 plays 28p Image Quiz
Italian Vocabulary
Italian Vocabulary by Meryli 5,835 plays 30p Image Quiz
ACT SAT Vocabulary Test 5
ACT SAT Vocabulary Test 5 by rodney.dunham 5,766 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
Frequently Misspelled Words (J - Z)
Frequently Misspelled Words (J - Z) by Dal 5,211 plays 20p Multiple-Choice
Means of Transport
Means of Transport by acLiLtocLiMB 5,195 plays 16p Image Quiz
French with Vincent Van Gogh
French with Vincent Van Gogh by RonaldDerGrosse 5,148 plays 25p Image Quiz
Animals in German IV
Animals in German IV by SharifProvoste 5,097 plays 15p Image Quiz
ACT SAT Vocabulary Test 3
ACT SAT Vocabulary Test 3 by rodney.dunham 5,085 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
The House
The House by Mogadishu 4,853 plays 17p Image Quiz
Now and then
Now and then ECby Damjana 4,474 plays 22p Image Quiz
Names of Fruit in Spanish
Names of Fruit in Spanish by sworkman415 4,198 plays 15p Shape Quiz
Leisure Time in German / Freizeit
Leisure Time in German / Freizeit by kcoutlaw 3,976 plays 19p Image Quiz
City (Spanish Vocabulary)
City (Spanish Vocabulary) by Wakarimasen 3,898 plays 20p Image Quiz
Unit 1 Week 2 Quiz Study Guide
Unit 1 Week 2 Quiz Study Guide by 3,842 plays 13p Matching Game
Spanish: Ser vs Estar
Spanish: Ser vs Estar by nflsqueeze 3,640 plays 20p Image Quiz
French Drinks
French Drinks by Sabine 3,582 plays 13p Image Quiz
Rooms & Furniture
Rooms & Furniture by acLiLtocLiMB 2,604 plays 12p Image Quiz
¿Qué hay en la mesa?
¿Qué hay en la mesa? by annekarakash 2,425 plays 10p Image Quiz
At a German Table / Mahlzeit!
At a German Table / Mahlzeit! by kcoutlaw 2,190 plays 22p Image Quiz
Camping? (Spanish vocabulary)
Camping? (Spanish vocabulary) by Wakarimasen 2,171 plays 18p Image Quiz
Car Vocabulary
Car Vocabulary by Wakarimasen 2,040 plays 17p Image Quiz
English Numbers Part 1
English Numbers Part 1 by RonaldDerGrosse 2,026 plays 20p Image Quiz
Excel 2013 Vocab
Excel 2013 Vocab by MichelleCobb4475 1,855 plays 12p Image Quiz
Spanish Transporatation
Spanish Transporatation by Profesora 1,850 plays 14p Shape Quiz
Bathroom for English Learners
Bathroom for English Learners ECby kcoutlaw 1,770 plays 28p Image Quiz
Sports by acLiLtocLiMB 1,735 plays 17p Image Quiz
PSAT Vocabulary Help
PSAT Vocabulary Help by Eavette 1,619 plays 5p Multiple-Choice
daily routines (Spanish vocabulary)
daily routines (Spanish vocabulary) by Wakarimasen 1,617 plays 15p Image Quiz
Health (Spanish vocabulary)
Health (Spanish vocabulary) by Wakarimasen 1,607 plays 28p Image Quiz

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