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Info pet
Info pet by Oaza 41,731 plays 13p Multiple-Choice
U.S. Citizenship Test
U.S. Citizenship Test by Dal 15,910 plays 24p Multiple-Choice
Europa kart test #1
Europa kart test #1 by Johnny71 15,563 plays 39p Image Quiz
Cow Skeletal System
Cow Skeletal System by ANSCUFHorse 14,794 plays 21p Image Quiz
Pover by Oaza 9,570 plays 12p Multiple-Choice
Excel by Oaza 7,327 plays 17p Multiple-Choice
The blonde test
The blonde test by angelicmonkey96 6,350 plays 4p Multiple-Choice
Regions of France
Regions of France ECby mfjames 5,388 plays 21p Image Quiz
English Grammar Quiz
English Grammar Quiz by Dal 5,121 plays 15p Multiple-Choice
Northern Africa Map Quiz
Northern Africa Map Quiz by cem593 4,979 plays 29p Image Quiz
U.S. Citizenship Test:  Part Two
U.S. Citizenship Test: Part Two by Dal 3,368 plays 25p Multiple-Choice
Test Your Smartness
Test Your Smartness by MARS 2,204 plays 21p Multiple-Choice
Equine Tendons & Ligaments
Equine Tendons & Ligaments by isy-anderson 1,597 plays 9p Image Quiz
Guinea pig speed test
Guinea pig speed test by SpyYoshiRv 1,502 plays 1p Image Quiz
Synovial Joints on the Horse
Synovial Joints on the Horse ECby isy-anderson 867 plays 13p Image Quiz
TESZT: Keleti-Kárpátok
TESZT: Keleti-Kárpátok by rgrry 780 plays 31p Image Quiz
The blonde test
The blonde test by angelicmonkey96 645 plays 3p Multiple-Choice
TESZT: Északi-Kárpátok
TESZT: Északi-Kárpátok by rgrry 615 plays 44p Image Quiz
Japan Map Quiz-Barrett
Japan Map Quiz-Barrett by TenaflyHockey9 601 plays 21p Image Quiz
North Europe Map Test
North Europe Map Test by liddleE 495 plays 25p Image Quiz
HaRd. by gWyN 474 plays 3p Shape Quiz
what is your name
what is your name by youlaoshi 472 plays 3p Multiple-Choice
Cell Quiz
Cell Quiz by mrowcat 451 plays 2p Multiple-Choice
IQ Test
IQ Test by Erblin22 410 plays 8p Multiple-Choice
Sood ja Soo kaitsealad Eestis??
Sood ja Soo kaitsealad Eestis?? by artemi17 396 plays 10p Image Quiz
Simple Algebra Quiz
Simple Algebra Quiz by gamedroid 385 plays 5p Multiple-Choice
Fradel's Test 2: Middle East Cities
Fradel's Test 2: Middle East Cities by peg10 355 plays 39p Image Quiz
TESZT: Mo. Tavak, Mocsarak, Lápok
TESZT: Mo. Tavak, Mocsarak, Lápok by rgrry 337 plays 37p Image Quiz
Geography Quiz Test
Geography Quiz Test by Shadow​ 322 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
Simple game
Simple game by Peceee 305 plays 1p Shape Quiz
Middle East Capitals Map
Middle East Capitals Map by 99CandyHearts 302 plays 15p Image Quiz
TESZT: Mo. Folyóvizek
TESZT: Mo. Folyóvizek by rgrry 302 plays 88p Image Quiz
Math Test of EVIL!!!
Math Test of EVIL!!! by Timisadumpling 258 plays 3p Multiple-Choice
Spanish Rivers
Spanish Rivers by deleted account 257 plays 5p Image Quiz
Elaboración de pruebas psicológicas
Elaboración de pruebas psicológicas by Alcadia 251 plays 20p Multiple-Choice
Zika Virus
Zika Virus ECby Geographonic 249 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
Nuclear weapons test types
Nuclear weapons test types by Wentu 236 plays 11p Image Quiz
Cyrylica (polish phonetics)
Cyrylica (polish phonetics) by s3ns3i 223 plays 32p Image Quiz
Fradel's Test 2: African Cities
Fradel's Test 2: African Cities by peg10 215 plays 15p Image Quiz

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Games tagged 'Rivers'

Rivers of China
Rivers of China14p Image Quiz
Řeky ČR
Řeky ČR85p Image Quiz
Rivers in Russia
Rivers in Russia22p Image Quiz
Mississippi River
Mississippi River19p Image Quiz
Rivers of Africa
Rivers of Africa24p Image Quiz

Top Games of Type 'Point-and-Click'

Name the Color
Name the Color8p Image Quiz
WWII Pacific Map
WWII Pacific Map15p Image Quiz
25 Cities of the UK
25 Cities of the UK25p Image Quiz
Northeastern States
Northeastern States11p Image Quiz
Skull Inferior
Skull Inferior12p Image Quiz