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Högskoleprovet Övning - ORD
Högskoleprovet Övning - ORD by Klas-Henrik 7,510 plays 40p Multiple-Choice
Högskoleprovet ORD 2011
Högskoleprovet ORD 2011 by Jonas­ 3,496 plays 60p Multiple-Choice
Högskoleprovet ORD 2012
Högskoleprovet ORD 2012 by Jonas­ 3,486 plays 40p Multiple-Choice
Svenska handalfabetet (STS)
Svenska handalfabetet (STS) by Jonas­ 3,377 plays 26p Shape Quiz
Capitals of Europe (Swedish Names)
Capitals of Europe (Swedish Names) by soffan93 2,257 plays 26p Image Quiz
Swedish Numbers
Swedish Numbers by famisamis 1,812 plays 30p Image Quiz
Colors in Swedish (färgerna)
Colors in Swedish (färgerna) ECby FamRom 1,461 plays 11p Image Quiz
Afrikas länder (Swedish)
Afrikas länder (Swedish) by Oliver 1,371 plays 53p Image Quiz
Countries of Europe in Swedish
Countries of Europe in Swedish by Niklas 1,320 plays 46p Image Quiz
History of Sweden
History of Sweden by Lucas0520 1,318 plays 15p Multiple-Choice
Blomman by mukkarduvan 995 plays 14p Image Quiz
Artists and Bands from Sweden
Artists and Bands from Sweden by Niklas 633 plays 24p Image Quiz
Huvudstäder i Europa
Huvudstäder i Europa by theblackdiamond 625 plays 44p Image Quiz
Colours in Swedish
Colours in Swedish by Niklas 486 plays 11p Image Quiz
Swedish Scenery
Swedish Scenery ECby Geographonic 427 plays 9p Image Quiz
A Day in Swedish
A Day in Swedish by Niklas 426 plays 24p Image Quiz
Swedish - Nouns II
Swedish - Nouns II by paulfunI 417 plays 17p Image Quiz
Blommans uppbyggnad
Blommans uppbyggnad by Linn 415 plays 5p Image Quiz
You can count on that!
You can count on that! by paulfunI 407 plays 20p Shape Quiz
Swedish - Nouns, part four
Swedish - Nouns, part four by paulfunI 394 plays 22p Image Quiz
Telephone Alphabet: Swedish
Telephone Alphabet: Swedish by Snavelaar 350 plays 30p Multiple-Choice
Swedish - Nouns, part three
Swedish - Nouns, part three by paulfunI 345 plays 7p Image Quiz
Swedish Clock
Swedish Clock by Niklas 322 plays 12p Image Quiz
Asterix (Swedish Names)
Asterix (Swedish Names) by Niklas 322 plays 13p Image Quiz
Swedish Colonial Empire
Swedish Colonial Empire ECby Geographonic 300 plays 5p Image Quiz
The Goodbye Game
The Goodbye Game ECby Oneilsnh 299 plays 15p Shape Quiz
Swedish Castles
Swedish Castles by Wentu 297 plays 10p Image Quiz
Albums Abba
Albums Abba by Geographonic 294 plays 12p Shape Quiz
SWE Olympic Golds
SWE Olympic Golds by Niklas 282 plays 27p Image Quiz
Disney Characters in Northern Europe
Disney Characters in Northern Europe by Niklas 268 plays 60p Image Quiz
Swedish Track & Field Athletes
Swedish Track & Field Athletes by FamRom 231 plays 16p Image Quiz
Old Swedish Month Names
Old Swedish Month Names by Jonas­ 227 plays 12p Image Quiz
Ups and downs in Sweden
Ups and downs in Sweden by paulfunI 216 plays 10p Image Quiz
Swedish Nobel Laureates
Swedish Nobel Laureates by Niklas 195 plays 28p Image Quiz
Coast of Sweden - Swedish Names
Coast of Sweden - Swedish Names by Niklas 192 plays 33p Image Quiz
Tintin the Teacher - Swedish
Tintin the Teacher - Swedish by paulfunI 182 plays 41p Image Quiz
Swedish - Nouns
Swedish - Nouns by paulfunI 181 plays 41p Image Quiz

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