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Swedish Provinces
Swedish Provinces by Doffa 88,081 plays 25p Image Quiz
25 Cities of Sweden
25 Cities of Sweden by David 28,462 plays 25p Image Quiz
Sweden - three regions
Sweden - three regions by Mr Jones 12,411 plays 3p Shape Quiz
Sweden Denmark And Norway
Sweden Denmark And Norway by Zahara200 8,107 plays 8p Image Quiz
Rivers of Sweden
Rivers of Sweden by Doffa 6,950 plays 19p Image Quiz
Sveriges landskap (Shapes)
Sveriges landskap (Shapes) by Jonas­ 6,517 plays 25p Shape Quiz
Sweden - Norrland
Sweden - Norrland by Mr Jones 5,559 plays 9p Shape Quiz
Sweden - Svealand
Sweden - Svealand by Mr Jones 5,039 plays 6p Shape Quiz
Sweden - Götaland
Sweden - Götaland by Mr Jones 4,984 plays 10p Shape Quiz
Sweden's five biggest cities
Sweden's five biggest cities by Mr Jones 4,709 plays 5p Shape Quiz
Counties (Län) of Sweden
Counties (Län) of Sweden by Niklas 4,590 plays 21p Image Quiz
Regents of Sweden
Regents of Sweden by Doffa 4,370 plays 22p Image Quiz
Famous Swedes, Tier 1
Famous Swedes, Tier 1 ECby Niklas 4,269 plays 31p Image Quiz
Cities of Scandinavia
Cities of Scandinavia by Zahara200 4,051 plays 16p Image Quiz
Lakes of Sweden
Lakes of Sweden by Rantzien 3,319 plays 10p Image Quiz
Stockholm by Doffa 3,299 plays 13p Image Quiz
Flags of EU
Flags of EU by Petter5 3,011 plays 25p Image Quiz
Sweden - Fifteen big cities
Sweden - Fifteen big cities by Mr Jones 2,982 plays 15p Image Quiz
21 Most Populous Cities in Scandinavia
21 Most Populous Cities in Scandinavia by Niklas 2,886 plays 21p Image Quiz
Europa på svenska (för barn)
Europa på svenska (för barn) by Svetka 2,601 plays 10p Image Quiz
Road Signs in Sweden
Road Signs in Sweden by Niklas 2,461 plays 25p Image Quiz
Prime Ministers of Sweden
Prime Ministers of Sweden by Niklas 2,340 plays 18p Image Quiz
Five questions about Sweden
Five questions about Sweden by Rolle 2,306 plays 5p Multiple-Choice
Some Nordic cities you must know
Some Nordic cities you must know by Mr Jones 2,276 plays 10p Image Quiz
Sveriges åtta största sjöar
Sveriges åtta största sjöar by Mr Jones 2,169 plays 8p Image Quiz
Towns of Skåne
Towns of Skåne by Doffa 2,023 plays 37p Image Quiz
Possessions of Sweden in 1658
Possessions of Sweden in 1658 by Niklas 1,905 plays 11p Image Quiz
Places in Swedish History
Places in Swedish History by Niklas 1,861 plays 25p Image Quiz
Sweden's ten biggest cities
Sweden's ten biggest cities by paulfunI 1,651 plays 10p Image Quiz
Sweden - Three main regions
Sweden - Three main regions by Mr Jones 1,642 plays 3p Image Quiz
Smålands tre län
Smålands tre län by Mr Jones 1,455 plays 3p Shape Quiz
History of Sweden
History of Sweden by Lucas0520 1,317 plays 15p Multiple-Choice
Cities/Towns in Sweden
Cities/Towns in Sweden by Niklas 1,292 plays 59p Image Quiz
Provinces of the Kingdom of Sweden
Provinces of the Kingdom of Sweden by Mirge 1,242 plays 32p Image Quiz
World Heritage Sites of Scandinavia
World Heritage Sites of Scandinavia by Niklas 1,222 plays 22p Image Quiz
Towns of Småland
Towns of Småland by Doffa 1,165 plays 16p Image Quiz
Scanian Municipalities
Scanian Municipalities by Doffa 1,074 plays 33p Image Quiz
Några älvar du bör kunna
Några älvar du bör kunna by Mr Jones 1,034 plays 8p Image Quiz

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