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Sweden - three regions
Sweden - three regions by Mr Jones 12,319 plays 3p Shape Quiz
Sveriges landskap
Sveriges landskap by dafj 11,531 plays 25p Image Quiz
Sveriges landskap (Shapes)
Sveriges landskap (Shapes) by Jonas­ 6,503 plays 25p Shape Quiz
Sweden - Norrland
Sweden - Norrland by Mr Jones 5,534 plays 9p Shape Quiz
Sweden - Svealand
Sweden - Svealand by Mr Jones 5,011 plays 6p Shape Quiz
Sweden - Götaland
Sweden - Götaland by Mr Jones 4,945 plays 10p Shape Quiz
Sweden's five biggest cities
Sweden's five biggest cities by Mr Jones 4,708 plays 5p Shape Quiz
Hajar i Skagerrak och Kattegatt
Hajar i Skagerrak och Kattegatt by Jonas­ 3,153 plays 18p Image Quiz
Sweden - Fifteen big cities
Sweden - Fifteen big cities by Mr Jones 2,980 plays 15p Image Quiz
Sveriges åtta största sjöar
Sveriges åtta största sjöar by Mr Jones 2,169 plays 8p Image Quiz
Sweden's ten biggest cities
Sweden's ten biggest cities by paulfunI 1,650 plays 10p Image Quiz
Sweden - Three main regions
Sweden - Three main regions by Mr Jones 1,642 plays 3p Image Quiz
Partisymboler by Mr Jones 1,468 plays 8p Shape Quiz
Smålands tre län
Smålands tre län by Mr Jones 1,453 plays 3p Shape Quiz
Några älvar du bör kunna
Några älvar du bör kunna by Mr Jones 1,033 plays 8p Image Quiz
Sveriges Landskapsdjur
Sveriges Landskapsdjur by Jonas­ 921 plays 25p Image Quiz
Norrland by Niklas 674 plays 10p Image Quiz
Djurparker i Sverige (Zoos in Sweden)
Djurparker i Sverige (Zoos in Sweden) by Niklas 558 plays 16p Image Quiz
Sveriges Landslag i Fotboll
Sveriges Landslag i Fotboll by mukkarduvan 486 plays 11p Image Quiz
Top Predators in Sweden
Top Predators in Sweden by Jonas­ 465 plays 10p Image Quiz
Norrbottens län
Norrbottens län by Niklas 425 plays 28p Image Quiz
Sveriges Landskapsdjur (med bilder)
Sveriges Landskapsdjur (med bilder) by Jonas­ 399 plays 25p Image Quiz
Jönköpings län
Jönköpings län by Niklas 320 plays 25p Image Quiz
Platser i Göteborg (in Swedish)
Platser i Göteborg (in Swedish) by Niklas 292 plays 30p Image Quiz
Svenska sjöar
Svenska sjöar by JossanH 281 plays 8p Image Quiz
Sweden's three main parts
Sweden's three main parts by paulfunI 280 plays 3p Shape Quiz
Sverige by theblackdiamond 270 plays 4p Shape Quiz
Sveriges län (Shapes)
Sveriges län (Shapes) by Jonas­ 268 plays 21p Shape Quiz
Sweden's three biggest cities
Sweden's three biggest cities by paulfunI 258 plays 3p Image Quiz
Stockholms län
Stockholms län by Niklas 258 plays 23p Image Quiz
Sweden Cities
Sweden Cities by Hammeroxygeen 256 plays 27p Image Quiz
Sweden - the ten largest lakes
Sweden - the ten largest lakes by paulfunI 227 plays 10p Image Quiz
Dalarnas län
Dalarnas län by Niklas 226 plays 21p Image Quiz
Västra Götalands län
Västra Götalands län by Niklas 218 plays 37p Image Quiz
Skåne län
Skåne län by Niklas 212 plays 31p Image Quiz
Sveriges partier
Sveriges partier by kaosguan 204 plays 14p Image Quiz
Landskap och        Landskapsvapen
Landskap och Landskapsvapen by kristk 202 plays 25p Image Quiz
Sweden - a challenge
Sweden - a challenge by paulfunI 201 plays 64p Image Quiz

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