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Sweden's five biggest cities
Sweden's five biggest cities by Mr Jones 4,709 plays 5p Shape Quiz
Stockholm by Doffa 3,299 plays 13p Image Quiz
Sweden - Fifteen big cities
Sweden - Fifteen big cities by Mr Jones 2,983 plays 15p Image Quiz
Some Nordic cities you must know
Some Nordic cities you must know by Mr Jones 2,277 plays 10p Image Quiz
Sweden's ten biggest cities
Sweden's ten biggest cities by paulfunI 1,652 plays 10p Image Quiz
The 14 islands of Stockholm, Sweden
The 14 islands of Stockholm, Sweden by Geograf 886 plays 14p Image Quiz
Stockholm - The capital of Sweden
Stockholm - The capital of Sweden by paulfunI 454 plays 20p Image Quiz
Swedens City's
Swedens City's by spralice 367 plays 6p Image Quiz
Landmarks of Stockholm, Sweden
Landmarks of Stockholm, Sweden ECby KENOR 336 plays 9p Shape Quiz
Stockholm, very easy version
Stockholm, very easy version by Mr Jones 309 plays 6p Shape Quiz
Areas of Stockholm
Areas of Stockholm by Jimic 265 plays 24p Image Quiz
Sweden's three biggest cities
Sweden's three biggest cities by paulfunI 259 plays 3p Image Quiz
A tilted world
A tilted world by paulfunI 229 plays 40p Image Quiz
Showing you a bit of Sweden
Showing you a bit of Sweden by paulfunI 218 plays 11p Image Quiz
Sweden - a challenge
Sweden - a challenge by paulfunI 201 plays 64p Image Quiz
Sweden's five biggest cities
Sweden's five biggest cities by paulfunI 187 plays 10p Image Quiz
Swedish Cities
Swedish Cities by thkid76 183 plays 11p Image Quiz
Stockholm, easy version
Stockholm, easy version by Mr Jones 158 plays 14p Shape Quiz
5 questions about Stockholm
5 questions about Stockholm by Bart-man 151 plays 5p Multiple-Choice
Three's a crowd - Europe
Three's a crowd - Europe by paulfunI 118 plays 45p Image Quiz
Stockholm Metropolitan Line Sweden
Stockholm Metropolitan Line Sweden by salleman 97 plays 203p Image Quiz
Stockholm Boroughs 2012
Stockholm Boroughs 2012 by Grainbeer 90 plays 14p Shape Quiz
20 Cities of Scandinavia
20 Cities of Scandinavia ECby Damiano12 86 plays 20p Image Quiz
Steden van Zweden
Steden van Zweden by Geographonic 73 plays 9p Image Quiz
Stockholm - Capital of Sweden
Stockholm - Capital of Sweden by paulfunI 65 plays 92p Image Quiz
Jockes Stockholms quiz
Jockes Stockholms quiz by Jocke 43 plays 28p Image Quiz
Sweden - in a Mirror
Sweden - in a Mirror by johanb76 38 plays 20p Image Quiz
stockholms kyrkor (18 dots)
stockholms kyrkor (18 dots) by philbob sweden 34 plays 18p Image Quiz
cities of Sweden
cities of Sweden by soggy5 22 plays 8p Image Quiz
CITIES OF NORTH EUROPE by Patrik Tokić 18 plays 25p Image Quiz
Hedvig by hedvig 16 plays 5p Image Quiz
Europe Capitals
Europe Capitals by lemonan 13 plays 23p Image Quiz

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