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SFR Yugoslavia
SFR Yugoslavia ECby apokar 6,086 plays 8p Image Quiz
Cities of SFR Yugoslavia
Cities of SFR Yugoslavia by apokar 2,426 plays 36p Image Quiz
Austria-Hungary ECby Beltenebros 1,415 plays 18p Image Quiz
Which countries border Hungary?
Which countries border Hungary? by kristk 1,264 plays 8p Shape Quiz
Capitals of Southern Europe
Capitals of Southern Europe by Geographonic 1,004 plays 17p Multiple-Choice
12 cities in Slovenia
12 cities in Slovenia by Alias8888 647 plays 12p Image Quiz
Slovenia Flag
Slovenia Flag by Geographonic 550 plays 7p Shape Quiz
30 Yugoslavian Cities
30 Yugoslavian Cities ECby Niklas 546 plays 29p Image Quiz
Which countries border Austria?
Which countries border Austria? by kristk 480 plays 8p Shape Quiz
Neighbors Of Slovenia
Neighbors Of Slovenia by UP-AT123 403 plays 5p Image Quiz
Slovenia in Three Maps
Slovenia in Three Maps by tickman 400 plays 27p Image Quiz
Adriatic Sea
Adriatic Sea by Niklas 365 plays 27p Image Quiz
Neighbors of Slovenia
Neighbors of Slovenia by CRAZY DAVE 311 plays 5p Image Quiz
Njemačka i Alpske zemlje
Njemačka i Alpske zemlje by Patricija Velecki 256 plays 20p Multiple-Choice
Regions of Slovenia
Regions of Slovenia by bennyben12 227 plays 12p Image Quiz
Landmarks of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Landmarks of Ljubljana, Slovenia by KENOR 201 plays 6p Shape Quiz
5 Largest Cities of Slovenia
5 Largest Cities of Slovenia by Ashgabat 198 plays 5p Image Quiz
6 cities of Slovenia
6 cities of Slovenia by Medellin 194 plays 6p Shape Quiz
Slovenia by Mikegeo 184 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
Reljef Srednje Europe
Reljef Srednje Europe by Patricija Velecki 161 plays 31p Image Quiz
Slovenija/Slovenia by Patricija Velecki 159 plays 18p Image Quiz
Coat of Arms of Slovenia
Coat of Arms of Slovenia by KENOR 148 plays 4p Shape Quiz
Slovenian cities
Slovenian cities by nissonic 139 plays 12p Image Quiz
Massives of the Alps
Massives of the Alps by Nikura 113 plays 21p Image Quiz
Slovenia flag
Slovenia flag by pemo 100 plays 3p Shape Quiz
Slovenian Cities
Slovenian Cities by bennyben12 90 plays 16p Image Quiz
Slovenia by Mikegeo 83 plays 6p Image Quiz
The Flags of Europe
The Flags of Europe by Chris3117 82 plays 50p Shape Quiz
10 Largest Cities in Slovenia
10 Largest Cities in Slovenia by bigphil 71 plays 10p Image Quiz
Ten largest cities in Slovenia
Ten largest cities in Slovenia by geosopnica 67 plays 10p Image Quiz
Country Information: Slovenia
Country Information: Slovenia by KENOR 66 plays 19p Image Quiz
World Cities: Ljubljana
World Cities: Ljubljana by Rumpleteazer 66 plays 17p Image Quiz
Naravne enote Slovenije
Naravne enote Slovenije by tiassy 66 plays 5p Image Quiz

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