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Scapula Game
Scapula Game by ramosal 60,964 plays 24p Image Quiz
Parts of the Scapula
Parts of the Scapula by Burgman 31,977 plays 7p Image Quiz
Muscles of the shoulder joint
Muscles of the shoulder joint by lewishj 20,160 plays 12p Image Quiz
5 types of Joints
5 types of Joints by Geographonic 19,781 plays 5p Shape Quiz
Shoulder and Hip Ligaments
Shoulder and Hip Ligaments by AshPopRox 7,978 plays 15p Image Quiz
Joints of the shoulder
Joints of the shoulder by kristyyy123 1,708 plays 13p Image Quiz
Pectoral Girdle - Posterior View
Pectoral Girdle - Posterior View by DHS Science 1,053 plays 22p Image Quiz
AP291 by shimes 1,026 plays 22p Image Quiz
Grashey Shoulder X-Ray Anatomy
Grashey Shoulder X-Ray Anatomy by DesiMichelle 1,015 plays 5p Image Quiz
Posterior Shoulder Muscles
Posterior Shoulder Muscles by ppartridge 811 plays 6p Image Quiz
Gene Kelly's Pectoral Girdle
Gene Kelly's Pectoral Girdle by MrsJackieBrown 741 plays 28p Shape Quiz
Anterior Muscles of the Shoulder
Anterior Muscles of the Shoulder by ppartridge 678 plays 3p Image Quiz
Shoulder Moving Muscles
Shoulder Moving Muscles by DHS Science 603 plays 16p Image Quiz
Shoulder muscels (latin)
Shoulder muscels (latin) by MalinZimmerman 341 plays 10p Image Quiz
Boney landmarks of the shoulder
Boney landmarks of the shoulder by lewishj 279 plays 8p Image Quiz
Shoulder (pectoral girdle)
Shoulder (pectoral girdle) by TJ Dunn 260 plays 8p Image Quiz
REGIÃO ANATOMIA DO OMBRO by Arysten 231 plays 13p Image Quiz
Arm and Shoulder Muscles
Arm and Shoulder Muscles by sundararose 222 plays 3p Image Quiz
Humerus by itsnotangle 221 plays 16p Image Quiz
Nerves of Selected Arm and Shoulder Muscles
Nerves of Selected Arm and Shoulder Muscles by gretch 173 plays 20p Multiple-Choice
Shoulder Complex
Shoulder Complex by cassissnipper 151 plays 4p Image Quiz
Tunnel Section
Tunnel Section ECby Geographonic 108 plays 19p Image Quiz
Muscles of the Trunk
Muscles of the Trunk by NigelMolesworth 69 plays 8p Image Quiz

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