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Famous Renaissance Paintings
Famous Renaissance Paintings by Alcyone 7,151 plays 15p Image Quiz
Renaissance People
Renaissance People ECby ThePhares 3,782 plays 12p Shape Quiz
Italian painters (Rinascimento)
Italian painters (Rinascimento) by antonio-epc 3,087 plays 15p Image Quiz
Renaissance paintings
Renaissance paintings by Alcyone 1,643 plays 17p Image Quiz
Renaissance Humanism
Renaissance Humanism by Pannonicus 1,202 plays 15p Multiple-Choice
Renaissance art
Renaissance art by Mr. Espeso 618 plays 20p Shape Quiz
Exam Reinnasance 2nd ESO
Exam Reinnasance 2nd ESO by Mr. Espeso 617 plays 20p Shape Quiz
Italy in 1494
Italy in 1494 by eulistes 225 plays 16p Shape Quiz
School of Athens part 1
School of Athens part 1 by Alcyone 206 plays 13p Image Quiz
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) by Jonas 184 plays 16p Image Quiz
School of Athens part 2
School of Athens part 2 by Alcyone 137 plays 7p Image Quiz
'Birth of Venus' (composition) 2/4
'Birth of Venus' (composition) 2/4 by joc3942 133 plays 7p Image Quiz
Castles in Germany 4/5
Castles in Germany 4/5 by equestenebrarum 127 plays 13p Image Quiz
'Birth of Venus' (influences) 4/4
'Birth of Venus' (influences) 4/4 by joc3942 54 plays 9p Shape Quiz
'Birth of Venus' (iconography) 3/4
'Birth of Venus' (iconography) 3/4 by joc3942 30 plays 11p Shape Quiz

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