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X-ray Circuit
X-ray Circuit by JustBrumley 3,355 plays 22p Image Quiz
x ray tube
x ray tube by hjones13 688 plays 9p Image Quiz
Fig. 7 AP Knee Radio
Fig. 7 AP Knee Radio by JustBrumley 357 plays 9p Image Quiz
Knee - Sunrise View
Knee - Sunrise View by zshow303 331 plays 5p Image Quiz
Fig. 7-76 Mediolateral Calcaneus
Fig. 7-76 Mediolateral Calcaneus by JustBrumley 265 plays 12p Image Quiz
AP SKULL ANATOMY 68P by zshow303 180 plays 12p Shape Quiz
Chapter 13 Radiography
Chapter 13 Radiography by noverw01 147 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
Fig. 7 AP Lower Leg Diagram
Fig. 7 AP Lower Leg Diagram by JustBrumley 135 plays 11p Image Quiz
Fig. 7 Foot Diagram
Fig. 7 Foot Diagram by JustBrumley 110 plays 21p Image Quiz
femur - diagram
femur - diagram by zshow303 92 plays 11p Image Quiz
Fig. 7 PA Lower Leg Diagram
Fig. 7 PA Lower Leg Diagram by JustBrumley 69 plays 10p Image Quiz
Humerus radiographic anatomy
Humerus radiographic anatomy by lbernste 40 plays 11p Image Quiz
Carpus radiographic anatomy
Carpus radiographic anatomy by lbernste 37 plays 10p Image Quiz
DLPMO tarsus radio
DLPMO tarsus radio by lbernste 28 plays 14p Image Quiz
Radiation Monitoring devices
Radiation Monitoring devices by lgarc134 24 plays 4p Matching Game
Canine elbow radograph
Canine elbow radograph by lbernste 20 plays 9p Image Quiz
Canine elbow radiographs II
Canine elbow radiographs II by lbernste 19 plays 9p Image Quiz
Canine Shoulder Radiograph
Canine Shoulder Radiograph by lbernste 17 plays 10p Image Quiz
CdCr Scap radio
CdCr Scap radio by lbernste 15 plays 5p Image Quiz
Flexed mediolateral elbow radio
Flexed mediolateral elbow radio by lbernste 15 plays 7p Image Quiz
Scalpula radio ID
Scalpula radio ID by lbernste 13 plays 8p Image Quiz
Radius/ulna radiographic anatomy
Radius/ulna radiographic anatomy by lbernste 11 plays 12p Image Quiz
Tarsus radiographic anatomy
Tarsus radiographic anatomy by lbernste 8 plays 31p Image Quiz
Hyoid apparatus radiography
Hyoid apparatus radiography by lbernste 7 plays 5p Image Quiz
VD extended hip radio
VD extended hip radio by lbernste 7 plays 21p Image Quiz
VD dog abdomen radio
VD dog abdomen radio by lbernste 4 plays 10p Image Quiz
Femur radiograph
Femur radiograph by lbernste 3 plays 11p Image Quiz
AP humerus
AP humerus by Xenia Revolorio 2 plays 7p Image Quiz
Stifle radiographic anatomy
Stifle radiographic anatomy by lbernste 2 plays 13p Image Quiz
Thoracic spine radio
Thoracic spine radio by lbernste 2 plays 7p Image Quiz
Cervical spine radiograph
Cervical spine radiograph by lbernste 2 plays 24p Image Quiz
Metacarpus and digits
Metacarpus and digits by lbernste 2 plays 8p Image Quiz
DMPLO radiograph
DMPLO radiograph by lbernste 2 plays 11p Image Quiz

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