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De vlaggen van Europa
De vlaggen van Europa ECby Geographonic 5,614 plays 56p Shape Quiz
25 Cities of Portugal
25 Cities of Portugal by ordep 4,167 plays 25p Image Quiz
Districts of Portugal
Districts of Portugal ECby equestenebrarum 3,994 plays 18p Image Quiz
Soccer in Spain and Portugal
Soccer in Spain and Portugal ECby equestenebrarum 2,561 plays 27p Image Quiz
Satellite Series : Islands
Satellite Series : Islands ECby Geographonic 1,606 plays 9p Shape Quiz
Main Wine Regions Portugal
Main Wine Regions Portugal by winecreature 1,464 plays 10p Image Quiz
Magellan's Voyage (1519-1522)
Magellan's Voyage (1519-1522) by Pannonicus 1,166 plays 13p Image Quiz
Capitals of Southern Europe
Capitals of Southern Europe by Geographonic 1,004 plays 17p Multiple-Choice
Landen van Europa
Landen van Europa by Geographonic 660 plays 50p Shape Quiz
SS6G7b by cookeke 633 plays 8p Image Quiz
Portugal Flag
Portugal Flag by Geographonic 549 plays 7p Shape Quiz
Neighbors Of Portugal
Neighbors Of Portugal by UP-AT123 468 plays 2p Image Quiz
15 Places on Madeira
15 Places on Madeira by Niklas 348 plays 16p Image Quiz
15 cities in Portugal
15 cities in Portugal by guaxinim 342 plays 15p Image Quiz
Azores Flag
Azores Flag by Geographonic 327 plays 13p Shape Quiz
Neighbors of Portugal
Neighbors of Portugal by CRAZY DAVE 316 plays 3p Image Quiz
Lenguas Ibericas
Lenguas Ibericas by Nikura 315 plays 20p Image Quiz
6 cities of Portugal
6 cities of Portugal by Medellin 313 plays 6p Shape Quiz
Madeira Island districts
Madeira Island districts by keyzer 295 plays 11p Image Quiz
Iberia 1031
Iberia 1031 by Niklas 286 plays 25p Image Quiz
River deltas in Portugal
River deltas in Portugal by lakris 258 plays 7p Image Quiz
Portugal by Mikegeo 256 plays 10p Image Quiz
Portugal by Mikegeo 242 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
Geography of Iberia
Geography of Iberia by Dinosaurus4 240 plays 15p Image Quiz
Colours in Portuguese
Colours in Portuguese by Niklas 233 plays 11p Image Quiz
The 25 Largest cities of Portugal
The 25 Largest cities of Portugal by jesusisme 230 plays 25p Image Quiz
Unusual sun and sea
Unusual sun and sea by Poloazer 228 plays 4p Image Quiz
Liga Portuguesa de Futebol 06/07
Liga Portuguesa de Futebol 06/07 by spinner 162 plays 16p Image Quiz
Azores by Mikegeo 160 plays 8p Image Quiz
POI of Portugal
POI of Portugal by ktreenbean13 150 plays 9p Shape Quiz
De vlaggen van Europa
De vlaggen van Europa ECby Geographonic 150 plays 48p Shape Quiz

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