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Cities of South West Asia
Cities of South West Asia ECby Doffa 145,209 plays 45p Image Quiz
Cities of Afghanistan and Pakistan
Cities of Afghanistan and Pakistan ECby Doffa 2,583 plays 23p Image Quiz
Provinces of Pakistan
Provinces of Pakistan by Pannonicus 1,876 plays 8p Image Quiz
Arabian Sea
Arabian Sea by Niklas 1,022 plays 19p Image Quiz
Worlds Wheat Production
Worlds Wheat Production by Geographonic 916 plays 11p Shape Quiz
JUŽNA AZIJA-SOUTH ASIA by Vinko Tokić 812 plays 8p Image Quiz
Pakistan Flag
Pakistan Flag by Geographonic 701 plays 4p Shape Quiz
Capitals of South Asia
Capitals of South Asia by Geographonic 618 plays 9p Multiple-Choice
Pakistan Flood 2010
Pakistan Flood 2010 by slaaty 576 plays 19p Image Quiz
Holy Rivers
Holy Rivers ECby Geographonic 529 plays 14p Shape Quiz
Neighbors Of Pakistan
Neighbors Of Pakistan by UP-AT123 494 plays 5p Image Quiz
Countries with Nuclear Weapons
Countries with Nuclear Weapons by bigphil 441 plays 9p Image Quiz
South Asian Geography
South Asian Geography by kmathis 389 plays 21p Shape Quiz
Pakistan Neighbors
Pakistan Neighbors by CRAZY DAVE 334 plays 8p Image Quiz
6 cities of Pakistan
6 cities of Pakistan by Medellin 289 plays 6p Shape Quiz
10 Largest Cities in Pakistan
10 Largest Cities in Pakistan ECby bigphil 262 plays 10p Image Quiz
Flag of Pakistan
Flag of Pakistan by joc3942 246 plays 5p Image Quiz
Districts of Pakistan's Punjab
Districts of Pakistan's Punjab by shutendo 235 plays 35p Image Quiz
Cities of Pakistan
Cities of Pakistan by Geographonic 212 plays 12p Image Quiz
Pakistan Subdivisions
Pakistan Subdivisions by Lilili 195 plays 8p Image Quiz
5 Cities of Pakistan
5 Cities of Pakistan by tomjem 195 plays 5p Image Quiz
Sports venues in Pakistan
Sports venues in Pakistan by Bart-man 146 plays 4p Shape Quiz
Ethnic groups of Pakistan
Ethnic groups of Pakistan by Chuperca 134 plays 7p Image Quiz
15 Largest Cities of Pakistan
15 Largest Cities of Pakistan by Ashgabat 130 plays 15p Image Quiz
India and Around
India and Around by sambabam96 108 plays 17p Image Quiz
Sister cities of Multan, Pakistan
Sister cities of Multan, Pakistan by Medellin 100 plays 3p Image Quiz
Sister cities of Karachi, Pakistan
Sister cities of Karachi, Pakistan by Medellin 89 plays 11p Image Quiz
World Cities: Karachi
World Cities: Karachi by Rumpleteazer 86 plays 18p Image Quiz
Pakistan by Mikegeo 73 plays 15p Image Quiz
Test Cricket: Pakistan Records
Test Cricket: Pakistan Records by Rumpleteazer 68 plays 18p Image Quiz
Sister cities of Lahore, Pakistan
Sister cities of Lahore, Pakistan by Medellin 66 plays 18p Image Quiz
Landen zonder Primate City
Landen zonder Primate City by Geographonic 64 plays 28p Image Quiz
PRIME MINISTERS of Pakistan by Tahir Naveed 57 plays 26p Image Quiz
The Partition of British India
The Partition of British India by Tahir Naveed 48 plays 22p Image Quiz
Middle East Quiz (Some Cities)
Middle East Quiz (Some Cities) by Amy Robson 38 plays 25p Image Quiz
The -stans
The -stans by ap_geo_is_fun 26 plays 7p Image Quiz

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Today 16 July
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