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Boroughs (bydeler) of Oslo, Norway
Boroughs (bydeler) of Oslo, Norway by Niklas 2,880 plays 16p Image Quiz
Some Nordic cities you must know
Some Nordic cities you must know by Mr Jones 2,292 plays 10p Image Quiz
Counties of Norway (Hard)
Counties of Norway (Hard) by 1447 1,475 plays 19p Image Quiz
Kjent rundt Oslo?
Kjent rundt Oslo? by grommen 389 plays 20p Image Quiz
Norway's three biggest cities
Norway's three biggest cities by paulfunI 338 plays 3p Image Quiz
Steder i Oslo, Norge
Steder i Oslo, Norge by Geograf 311 plays 17p Image Quiz
5 Cities of Norway
5 Cities of Norway by tomjem 253 plays 5p Image Quiz
Oslofjorden by grommen 249 plays 17p Image Quiz
Landmarks of Oslo, Norway
Landmarks of Oslo, Norway by KENOR 176 plays 6p Shape Quiz
Oslo Boroughs 2012
Oslo Boroughs 2012 ECby Grainbeer 159 plays 16p Shape Quiz
Showing you a bit of Norway
Showing you a bit of Norway by paulfunI 156 plays 17p Image Quiz
Cities of Europe: Oslo
Cities of Europe: Oslo by Andrej Aleksandrovic 100 plays 4p Image Quiz
20 Cities of Scandinavia
20 Cities of Scandinavia ECby Damiano12 88 plays 20p Image Quiz
Counties of Norway
Counties of Norway by sir_carlsberg 49 plays 20p Image Quiz
CITIES OF NORTH EUROPE by Patrik Tokić 28 plays 25p Image Quiz
Vålerengas A-lag 2008
Vålerengas A-lag 2008 by hmchrist 17 plays 37p Image Quiz
Europe Capitals
Europe Capitals by lemonan 14 plays 23p Image Quiz
Kjentsmannskurs - Oslo områder
Kjentsmannskurs - Oslo områder by soreen 13 plays 75p Image Quiz

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