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Southwest and Central Asia
Southwest and Central Asia by MrMan1 25,241 plays 34p Image Quiz
Countries in the OPEC
Countries in the OPEC by UP-AT123 7,284 plays 14p Image Quiz
Oil refinery
Oil refinery ECby tickman 3,604 plays 15p Image Quiz
Oil Rig (Drilling Rig)
Oil Rig (Drilling Rig) ECby tickman 3,292 plays 28p Image Quiz
Oil Well
Oil Well by tickman 2,383 plays 15p Image Quiz
NAFTA-OIL by Vinko Tokić 1,425 plays 6p Shape Quiz
OPEC-countries by sven-the-man2 1,101 plays 12p Image Quiz
Worlds Largest Companies 2008
Worlds Largest Companies 2008 by Alcyone 677 plays 10p Image Quiz
Top Oil Exporting Nations
Top Oil Exporting Nations by tickman 594 plays 15p Image Quiz
Nonpoint Source Pollution
Nonpoint Source Pollution by Geographonic 591 plays 13p Multiple-Choice
Sudan vs. South Sudan
Sudan vs. South Sudan by Geographonic 363 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
Extracting Oil from Tar Sands
Extracting Oil from Tar Sands by Geographonic 296 plays 8p Image Quiz
Strait of Hormuz
Strait of Hormuz by Geographonic 293 plays 12p Multiple-Choice
Palm oil production
Palm oil production by Alcyone 284 plays 18p Image Quiz
Richest in world by revenues, 2000
Richest in world by revenues, 2000 by Alcyone 242 plays 19p Image Quiz
Oil Painters tools
Oil Painters tools by Alcyone 230 plays 11p Image Quiz
Top Oil Importing Nations
Top Oil Importing Nations by tickman 215 plays 15p Image Quiz
Ya by purpleprincess4evr 182 plays 6p Multiple-Choice
Oil Well (Advanced Version)
Oil Well (Advanced Version) by tickman 88 plays 32p Image Quiz
Oil Game
Oil Game by santonoruego 82 plays 27p Image Quiz
Oil Spills
Oil Spills by tickman 72 plays 33p Image Quiz
By the Barrel
By the Barrel by Geographonic 31 plays 15p Image Quiz
Middle East Questions
Middle East Questions by fogelh 27 plays 5p Multiple-Choice
Top 10 Oil Production Countries
Top 10 Oil Production Countries by albertococo 24 plays 10p Image Quiz
the average size Asian countries
the average size Asian countries by ILBAFFO 12 plays 27p Image Quiz
short extension Asian countries
short extension Asian countries by ILBAFFO 10 plays 11p Image Quiz

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