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Cities in Rogaland (Norway)
Cities in Rogaland (Norway) by Tonje 144 plays 9p Image Quiz
Norway: 25 smallest municipalities
Norway: 25 smallest municipalities by hanPelle 143 plays 25p Image Quiz
Norway: 25 largest municipalities
Norway: 25 largest municipalities by hanPelle 140 plays 25p Image Quiz
Kommunene i Møre og Romsdal
Kommunene i Møre og Romsdal by Toy_Story 138 plays 36p Image Quiz
Kommunevåpnene i Norge (Hedmark)
Kommunevåpnene i Norge (Hedmark) by model-76 137 plays 22p Image Quiz
Kommunevåpnene i Norge(Buskerud)
Kommunevåpnene i Norge(Buskerud) by model-76 129 plays 21p Image Quiz
Kommunevåpnene i Norge (Østfold)
Kommunevåpnene i Norge (Østfold) by model-76 126 plays 18p Image Quiz
Kommunevåpnene i Norge (Akershus)
Kommunevåpnene i Norge (Akershus) by model-76 120 plays 22p Image Quiz
Norges langrennslandslag 09/10
Norges langrennslandslag 09/10 by Tonje 117 plays 15p Image Quiz
Scandinavian cities
Scandinavian cities by tegil 103 plays 6p Image Quiz
Cities in Nordland (Norway)
Cities in Nordland (Norway) by Tonje 102 plays 11p Image Quiz
Norwegian Dog Breeds
Norwegian Dog Breeds by Jonas­ 94 plays 7p Shape Quiz
European Route E6
European Route E6 by hanPelle 76 plays 28p Image Quiz
Byer i Skandinavia
Byer i Skandinavia by chriz 74 plays 44p Image Quiz
Municipalities of Finnmark
Municipalities of Finnmark by saheeb 64 plays 19p Image Quiz
Norway, Bergen sentrum
Norway, Bergen sentrum by korinteren 39 plays 16p Image Quiz
Hvem er hvem i regjeringen Solberg?
Hvem er hvem i regjeringen Solberg? by ojaa 37 plays 18p Shape Quiz
Vest-Agder by Erblin22 31 plays 15p Image Quiz
Tippeligaen og 1. div
Tippeligaen og 1. div by Olum 30 plays 31p Image Quiz
Skandinavia by dimme 29 plays 3p Image Quiz
Byquiz, Finnsnes
Byquiz, Finnsnes by hanPelle 27 plays 28p Image Quiz
Norwegian - Comparative adjectives
Norwegian - Comparative adjectives by Alcyone 26 plays 42p Image Quiz
Berg municipality
Berg municipality by hanPelle 22 plays 22p Image Quiz
norges deler
norges deler by eskbakke 18 plays 3p Image Quiz
Torsken Municipality
Torsken Municipality by hanPelle 17 plays 24p Image Quiz
Lenvik municipality
Lenvik municipality by hanPelle 15 plays 33p Image Quiz

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