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NHL Team Logos
NHL Team Logos by wehavemonkeys 13,712 plays 30p Image Quiz
Hockey Teams
Hockey Teams by Kubi 5,062 plays 30p Image Quiz
Ice Hockey Positions
Ice Hockey Positions by [[Anonymous]] 1,988 plays 6p Image Quiz
NHL TEAMS by Petter5 1,795 plays 30p Image Quiz
4 Sports Logos
4 Sports Logos by thefreakster 1,426 plays 4p Image Quiz
NHL, Most Valued Player
NHL, Most Valued Player by Niklas 909 plays 16p Image Quiz
Ice Hockey Rink
Ice Hockey Rink by [[Anonymous]] 757 plays 31p Image Quiz
The NHL teams location
The NHL teams location by Petter5 626 plays 30p Image Quiz
NHL Players
NHL Players by [[Anonymous]] 487 plays 21p Image Quiz
Stars of Hockey -1970's
Stars of Hockey -1970's by pascoesdeluge 397 plays 15p Image Quiz
Swedish Hockey Teams (Elitserien)
Swedish Hockey Teams (Elitserien) by Jonas 303 plays 12p Image Quiz
Finnish Hockey Teams (SM-liiga)
Finnish Hockey Teams (SM-liiga) by Jonas 292 plays 14p Image Quiz
Kontinental Hockey League (KHL)
Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) by Jonas 260 plays 19p Image Quiz
More NHL All-Stars
More NHL All-Stars by Caneschic28 235 plays 12p Image Quiz
NHL Trivia
NHL Trivia by Ormiss 201 plays 18p Multiple-Choice
NHL Teams
NHL Teams ECby GeographyTycoon 184 plays 30p Image Quiz
2011-2012 Minnesota Wild
2011-2012 Minnesota Wild by wildhockey94 184 plays 6p Multiple-Choice
NHL Western Conference
NHL Western Conference ECby kristk 184 plays 15p Shape Quiz
Stanley Cup Champs - NHL Era
Stanley Cup Champs - NHL Era by CarpeDiem 179 plays 92p Image Quiz
National Hockey League - NHL
National Hockey League - NHL by paulfunI 177 plays 15p Image Quiz
Memorable Champions
Memorable Champions by pascoesdeluge 161 plays 31p Image Quiz
Hockey Positions
Hockey Positions by Nate 151 plays 6p Image Quiz
Czech Hockey Teams (Extraliga)
Czech Hockey Teams (Extraliga) by Jonas 149 plays 14p Image Quiz
NHL teams in USA and Canada
NHL teams in USA and Canada by midell555 113 plays 30p Image Quiz
Swiss National League A (NLA)
Swiss National League A (NLA) by Jonas 107 plays 12p Shape Quiz
IIHF Hall of Fame 2010-2011 (Hockey)
IIHF Hall of Fame 2010-2011 (Hockey) by Jonas 96 plays 11p Image Quiz
The NHL by InsanePenguin 88 plays 30p Image Quiz
nhl goalie quiz
nhl goalie quiz by Dean1232 77 plays 1p Multiple-Choice
bergeron by Mario W Gris (McCrae 62 plays 10p Image Quiz
Sharp Eye
Sharp Eye by Afigs21 58 plays 16p Image Quiz
name the team and name the number he is
name the team and name the number he is by Dean1232 38 plays 1p Multiple-Choice
Stanley Cup Playoffs 2010
Stanley Cup Playoffs 2010 by GJBrys 33 plays 13p Image Quiz
Stanley Cup Champs - Modern Era
Stanley Cup Champs - Modern Era by CarpeDiem 26 plays 18p Image Quiz
AHL Teams
AHL Teams by [[Anonymous]] 25 plays 30p Image Quiz
Stanley Cup Coaches - Modern Era
Stanley Cup Coaches - Modern Era by CarpeDiem 24 plays 18p Image Quiz
Stanley Cup Champs - Founding Era
Stanley Cup Champs - Founding Era by CarpeDiem 24 plays 25p Image Quiz
Sport Teams
Sport Teams by sgt_pq 22 plays 61p Image Quiz
NHL Hockey Teams
NHL Hockey Teams by jjhansen2003 20 plays 28p Image Quiz

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