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German Navy Ranks
German Navy Ranks by FS 2,468 plays 30p Image Quiz
The sinking of the Bismarck (pt 1)
The sinking of the Bismarck (pt 1) by FS 1,017 plays 11p Image Quiz
The Semaphore Alphabet
The Semaphore Alphabet by a. stoner 985 plays 26p Image Quiz
International flag alphabet
International flag alphabet ECby eneroth3 411 plays 26p Image Quiz
British Military Ranks
British Military Ranks by Rumpleteazer 380 plays 11p Matching Game
The Great White Fleet
The Great White Fleet ECby tickman 346 plays 22p Image Quiz
U.S. Navy Enlisted Ranks
U.S. Navy Enlisted Ranks ECby CadetLau 263 plays 10p Image Quiz
Andromeda ECby Wentu 252 plays 11p Image Quiz
Battleships of WW2
Battleships of WW2 by Gravy theGoat 246 plays 9p Image Quiz
US Navy Submarine Recognition Test
US Navy Submarine Recognition Test by sgt_pq 226 plays 12p Image Quiz
U.S. Army Helicopter Recognition
U.S. Army Helicopter Recognition by sgt_pq 213 plays 7p Image Quiz
The sinking of the Bismarck (pt 2)
The sinking of the Bismarck (pt 2) by FS 156 plays 19p Image Quiz
Landlocked Countries with Navies
Landlocked Countries with Navies by Ashgabat 140 plays 10p Image Quiz
US Army Qualification Badges
US Army Qualification Badges by sgt_pq 63 plays 21p Image Quiz
Navy flags & ensigns
Navy flags & ensigns by Wizardpenguin 60 plays 9p Shape Quiz
Orders to the Sentry
Orders to the Sentry by S.nrjotc 44 plays 11p Image Quiz
Stereotype USA
Stereotype USA by 18southrykp 23 plays 9p Image Quiz
U.S. Navy Bases & Air Stations
U.S. Navy Bases & Air Stations by sgt_pq 19 plays 34p Image Quiz
Beautiful Shipwrecks | Quiz
Beautiful Shipwrecks | Quiz by Geographonic 16 plays 16p Image Quiz
Major U.S. Airforce Installations
Major U.S. Airforce Installations by sgt_pq 16 plays 36p Image Quiz

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Games tagged 'Flags'

Flags with dragons
Flags with dragons7p Shape Quiz
Flags of Palau
Flags of Palau16p Image Quiz
Flag Symbols 3
Flag Symbols 330p Image Quiz
Six European flags
Six European flags6p Shape Quiz
Colors of the flags
Colors of the flags10p Multiple-Choice
Flags of Switzerland
Flags of Switzerland27p Image Quiz

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Parts of a Mosque
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Where's Waldo?
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Southern Africa
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