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Famous West Point Graduates
Famous West Point Graduates by CadetTerry 178 plays 21p Image Quiz
Swedish Infantry Regiments
Swedish Infantry Regiments by jakobwedman 149 plays 15p Image Quiz
Faces of War (MUST STOP)
Faces of War (MUST STOP) by OLY 148 plays 10p Image Quiz
Countries with no military forces
Countries with no military forces by FS 140 plays 18p Image Quiz
US Military Medals
US Military Medals by FS 139 plays 13p Image Quiz
Douglas Military Aircraft
Douglas Military Aircraft by Rednas 137 plays 13p Image Quiz
Italian Castles (part 1)
Italian Castles (part 1) by Wentu 134 plays 9p Image Quiz
Early Jet Fighters
Early Jet Fighters by Rednas 131 plays 16p Image Quiz
This is your world
This is your world by paulfunI 130 plays 23p Image Quiz
Cold War Carrier Based Aircraft
Cold War Carrier Based Aircraft by Rednas 128 plays 14p Image Quiz
German Flying Aces of World War II
German Flying Aces of World War II by FS 122 plays 15p Image Quiz
US Unified Combatant Commands
US Unified Combatant Commands by tickman 119 plays 18p Image Quiz
Current Combat Helmets
Current Combat Helmets by FS 116 plays 7p Image Quiz
Modern Carrier Based Aircraft
Modern Carrier Based Aircraft by Rednas 115 plays 14p Image Quiz
British Military Medals
British Military Medals by FS 111 plays 15p Image Quiz
Irish Air Corps Fleet
Irish Air Corps Fleet by KonaFearne 110 plays 9p Multiple-Choice
Current Major Military Alliances
Current Major Military Alliances by UP-AT123 109 plays 13p Image Quiz
Swedish Cavalry Regiments
Swedish Cavalry Regiments by jakobwedman 100 plays 12p Image Quiz
Countries with No Military
Countries with No Military by Ashgabat 93 plays 20p Image Quiz
Best Of Russia: Aircraft
Best Of Russia: Aircraft by Rednas 87 plays 14p Image Quiz
German Military Insignia
German Military Insignia by FS 86 plays 31p Image Quiz
Irish Naval Fleet
Irish Naval Fleet by KonaFearne 86 plays 8p Image Quiz
Swedish Artillery Regiments
Swedish Artillery Regiments by jakobwedman 84 plays 18p Image Quiz
short army quiz
short army quiz by jester 74 plays 5p Multiple-Choice
JASDF Rank Insignia
JASDF Rank Insignia by LewisJones 73 plays 17p Image Quiz
Convair Aircraft
Convair Aircraft by Rednas 71 plays 11p Image Quiz
Trainer Aircraft
Trainer Aircraft by Rednas 62 plays 14p Image Quiz
Air Force Ranks
Air Force Ranks by Conor Evans 59 plays 25p Image Quiz
Russian Cold War Aircraft
Russian Cold War Aircraft by Rednas 59 plays 32p Image Quiz

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