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German Army and Air Force Ranks
German Army and Air Force Ranks by FS 9,346 plays 29p Image Quiz
World War II  Timeline
World War II Timeline ECby Dal 6,913 plays 23p Image Quiz
World War I Timeline
World War I Timeline ECby Dal 4,261 plays 23p Image Quiz
British Army Ranks
British Army Ranks by FS 4,209 plays 20p Image Quiz
Military Timeline of the United States
Military Timeline of the United States ECby Dal 3,089 plays 17p Image Quiz
German Navy Ranks
German Navy Ranks by FS 2,458 plays 30p Image Quiz
German Air Force Aircraft
German Air Force Aircraft by FS 666 plays 10p Image Quiz
Saab Military Airplanes
Saab Military Airplanes by Niklas 653 plays 9p Image Quiz
Great Battles
Great Battles by Brainiest 637 plays 12p Multiple-Choice
Vietnam War Region
Vietnam War Region by VTNate 635 plays 17p Image Quiz
Secretaries General of NATO
Secretaries General of NATO by Constantia 603 plays 15p Image Quiz
Historic Military Helmets
Historic Military Helmets by FS 552 plays 11p Image Quiz
Flying Aces of World War I
Flying Aces of World War I by FS 510 plays 12p Image Quiz
82nd Airborne: U.S. Military
82nd Airborne: U.S. Military by Dal 486 plays 15p Image Quiz
NATO Air Force Roundels
NATO Air Force Roundels by FS 479 plays 27p Image Quiz
Best Of Britain: Military Aircraft
Best Of Britain: Military Aircraft by Rednas 476 plays 14p Image Quiz
French Army Ranks
French Army Ranks by FS 424 plays 21p Image Quiz
Battleship Gun Turret
Battleship Gun Turret by tickman 402 plays 19p Image Quiz
Various World War II Medals
Various World War II Medals by FS 384 plays 20p Image Quiz
10 Successful Military Commanders
10 Successful Military Commanders by UP-AT123 316 plays 10p Image Quiz
10 Largest Military Spenders
10 Largest Military Spenders by Ashgabat 302 plays 10p Image Quiz
Strait of Hormuz
Strait of Hormuz by Geographonic 293 plays 12p Multiple-Choice
Russian Army Weapons
Russian Army Weapons by Chuperca 285 plays 9p Image Quiz
Lockheed Military Aircraft
Lockheed Military Aircraft by Rednas 284 plays 15p Image Quiz
19th Century Military Disasters
19th Century Military Disasters by MrT 281 plays 13p Image Quiz
NATO Member Match
NATO Member Match by Rumpleteazer 269 plays 30p Matching Game
German Ministers of Defence
German Ministers of Defence by FS 257 plays 14p Image Quiz
Heckler & Koch G 36 (English)
Heckler & Koch G 36 (English) by FS 252 plays 12p Image Quiz
German Medical Ranks
German Medical Ranks by FS 252 plays 13p Image Quiz
"Waffenfarben" of the German Army by FS 217 plays 13p Image Quiz
Military Hats
Military Hats by FS 211 plays 13p Image Quiz
20th Century Military Disasters
20th Century Military Disasters by MrT 206 plays 12p Image Quiz
Famous West Point Graduates
Famous West Point Graduates by CadetTerry 180 plays 21p Image Quiz
Faces of War (MUST STOP)
Faces of War (MUST STOP) by OLY 153 plays 10p Image Quiz
Swedish Infantry Regiments
Swedish Infantry Regiments by jakobwedman 150 plays 15p Image Quiz
Countries with no military forces
Countries with no military forces by FS 142 plays 18p Image Quiz
US Military Medals
US Military Medals by FS 141 plays 13p Image Quiz
This is your world
This is your world by paulfunI 139 plays 23p Image Quiz
Douglas Military Aircraft
Douglas Military Aircraft by Rednas 137 plays 13p Image Quiz
Early Jet Fighters
Early Jet Fighters by Rednas 137 plays 16p Image Quiz
Italian Castles (part 1)
Italian Castles (part 1) by Wentu 134 plays 9p Image Quiz
British Military Medals
British Military Medals by FS 132 plays 15p Image Quiz
US Unified Combatant Commands
US Unified Combatant Commands by tickman 132 plays 18p Image Quiz
Cold War Carrier Based Aircraft
Cold War Carrier Based Aircraft by Rednas 128 plays 14p Image Quiz
German Flying Aces of World War II
German Flying Aces of World War II by FS 125 plays 15p Image Quiz

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