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Microsoft Word Ribbons
Microsoft Word Ribbons by Profesora 140,912 plays 51p Image Quiz
Microsoft PowerPoint Ribbons
Microsoft PowerPoint Ribbons by Profesora 34,346 plays 29p Image Quiz
Microsoft Excel Ribbons
Microsoft Excel Ribbons by Profesora 34,065 plays 46p Image Quiz
MS Paint Toolbars
MS Paint Toolbars by sergeidave 9,248 plays 22p Image Quiz
Intro to Excel 2013
Intro to Excel 2013 by * 6,510 plays 10p Image Quiz
Microsoft PowerPoint Ribbons Game
Microsoft PowerPoint Ribbons Game by ktnguyen 1,485 plays 25p Image Quiz
ACCESS 2016 Parts
ACCESS 2016 Parts by carolinacrane 1,138 plays 39p Image Quiz
Word - Drawing Tools
Word - Drawing Tools by MrsRrocks 974 plays 10p Image Quiz
MS Excel Toolbars
MS Excel Toolbars by sergeidave 794 plays 55p Image Quiz
Microsoft Founders 1978
Microsoft Founders 1978 by sergeidave 255 plays 11p Image Quiz
Evolution of Logos: Microsoft
Evolution of Logos: Microsoft by Hayden_003 168 plays 3p Shape Quiz
PowerPoint Presentation
PowerPoint Presentation by Alvinthekkekuttu 140 plays 5p Multiple-Choice
POWERPOINT 2013 INTERFACE PARTS by hiker7777 47 plays 10p Image Quiz
PowerpointL5-L7_Haley by zippy22356 26 plays 20p Multiple-Choice
PowerPoint Basic Game
PowerPoint Basic Game by Skullman1241 25 plays 11p Image Quiz
Testing Your Microsoft/Apple Knowledge
Testing Your Microsoft/Apple Knowledge by Whemington 12 plays 10p Multiple-Choice

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