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The Pacific Ocean
The Pacific Ocean ECby Geographonic 2,257 plays 3p Shape Quiz
Oceanian countries
Oceanian countries ECby apokar 1,522 plays 38p Image Quiz
Capitals of Melanesia
Capitals of Melanesia by Geographonic 1,398 plays 5p Multiple-Choice
New Caledonia - islands
New Caledonia - islands by apokar 589 plays 6p Image Quiz
New Caledonia - provinces
New Caledonia - provinces by apokar 580 plays 3p Image Quiz
Mela-, Micro- or Polynesian?
Mela-, Micro- or Polynesian? by apokar 500 plays 42p Image Quiz
Norfolk Island
Norfolk Island by apokar 482 plays 5p Image Quiz
Provinces of the Solomon Islands
Provinces of the Solomon Islands by apokar 393 plays 10p Image Quiz
Pacific Island Groups
Pacific Island Groups by apokar 379 plays 42p Image Quiz
Colonial names of Pacific islands
Colonial names of Pacific islands by apokar 351 plays 35p Image Quiz
Native names of Pacific islands
Native names of Pacific islands by apokar 347 plays 28p Image Quiz
Countries of Melanesia
Countries of Melanesia by Ashgabat 324 plays 7p Image Quiz
Island Groups of Oceania
Island Groups of Oceania by Ashgabat 57 plays 27p Image Quiz

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