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3D shapes
3D shapes ECby 5678 138,390 plays 10p Image Quiz
2D shapes
2D shapes ECby 5678 57,291 plays 10p Image Quiz
Faces, Edges and Vertices
Faces, Edges and Vertices ECby 5678 29,040 plays 30p Image Quiz
Trigonometry V2
Trigonometry V2 by 5678 10,986 plays 7p Image Quiz
Length area and volume
Length area and volume ECby 5678 9,393 plays 10p Image Quiz
Surface area of cubes
Surface area of cubes ECby 5678 7,953 plays 9p Image Quiz
Trig Functions
Trig Functions by 5678 7,105 plays 16p Image Quiz
Chinese numbers
Chinese numbers by K'thint 6,675 plays 11p Image Quiz
Circle notation
Circle notation by mrstucke 6,415 plays 7p Image Quiz
Quadratic Functions
Quadratic Functions by 5678 5,235 plays 8p Image Quiz
5 x Table
5 x Table ECby CRAZY DAVE 3,189 plays 12p Matching Game
 6 x Table
6 x Table ECby CRAZY DAVE 3,128 plays 12p Matching Game
3 x Table
3 x Table ECby CRAZY DAVE 3,080 plays 12p Matching Game
4 x Table
4 x Table ECby CRAZY DAVE 2,904 plays 12p Matching Game
Basic Multiplication
Basic Multiplication by spraggy 2,863 plays 42p Image Quiz
10 x Table
10 x Table by CRAZY DAVE 2,500 plays 12p Matching Game
12 x Table
12 x Table ECby CRAZY DAVE 2,274 plays 12p Matching Game
7 x Table
7 x Table ECby CRAZY DAVE 2,256 plays 12p Matching Game
Pure multiplication
Pure multiplication ECby paulfunI 2,052 plays 16p Image Quiz
Multiplication Tables
Multiplication Tables by GurSim 1,877 plays 20p Multiple-Choice
Prime Number or not?
Prime Number or not? by GurSim 1,759 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
9 x Table
9 x Table by CRAZY DAVE 1,475 plays 12p Matching Game
8 x Table
8 x Table by CRAZY DAVE 1,461 plays 12p Matching Game
Volume of cubes
Volume of cubes by 5678 1,440 plays 9p Image Quiz
 Pizza Slices, Fractions
Pizza Slices, Fractions by CRAZY DAVE 1,422 plays 10p Shape Quiz
Add 8
Add 8 ECby CRAZY DAVE 1,409 plays 12p Shape Quiz
Add 7
Add 7 ECby CRAZY DAVE 1,391 plays 12p Shape Quiz
Add 6
Add 6 ECby CRAZY DAVE 1,352 plays 12p Shape Quiz
11 x Table
11 x Table by CRAZY DAVE 1,349 plays 12p Matching Game
Add 9
Add 9 ECby CRAZY DAVE 1,339 plays 12p Shape Quiz
Polynomial Vocabulary
Polynomial Vocabulary ECby gbgenius 1,228 plays 16p Multiple-Choice
Square Root, Maths
Square Root, Maths by CRAZY DAVE 1,185 plays 10p Matching Game
Geometric Shapes
Geometric Shapes by acLiLtocLiMB 1,119 plays 14p Image Quiz
Trigonometric Identities
Trigonometric Identities by stevo88ncfc 1,048 plays 27p Image Quiz
Calculations 1
Calculations 1 by 5678 975 plays 18p Image Quiz
3D coordinates
3D coordinates by 5678 813 plays 15p Image Quiz
Faces by 5678 775 plays 10p Image Quiz
Powers of 2
Powers of 2 by GurSim 739 plays 13p Multiple-Choice
Geometry: Circumferences
Geometry: Circumferences by acLiLtocLiMB 725 plays 6p Image Quiz
Super Maths 1
Super Maths 1 by MasterA 677 plays 3p Multiple-Choice
Vertices by 5678 650 plays 10p Image Quiz
WTF??? by GeorgeBobington 647 plays 1p Image Quiz
Edges by 5678 616 plays 10p Image Quiz
Le nombre Pi
Le nombre Pi by ollipo 588 plays 8p Image Quiz
Minus 3
Minus 3 by CRAZY DAVE 577 plays 15p Shape Quiz
Add 5
Add 5 by CRAZY DAVE 574 plays 12p Shape Quiz
Direct and Inverse proportion
Direct and Inverse proportion by 5678 572 plays 14p Image Quiz
Mainly Cubic Functions
Mainly Cubic Functions by 5678 510 plays 9p Image Quiz
Minus 9
Minus 9 by CRAZY DAVE 497 plays 15p Shape Quiz
Maths lesson 1- Additions
Maths lesson 1- Additions by MasterA 491 plays 12p Multiple-Choice
Maths. Division Test
Maths. Division Test by CRAZY DAVE 460 plays 12p Matching Game
Maths Subtracting
Maths Subtracting by CRAZY DAVE 455 plays 12p Matching Game
The difference of two squares.
The difference of two squares. by 5678 445 plays 12p Image Quiz
Minus 6
Minus 6 by CRAZY DAVE 445 plays 15p Shape Quiz
Fractions, Percentages
Fractions, Percentages by CRAZY DAVE 416 plays 10p Matching Game
The Maths
The Maths by Huggie18 401 plays 4p Multiple-Choice
Add 1
Add 1 by CRAZY DAVE 401 plays 12p Image Quiz
Calculations 2
Calculations 2 by 5678 396 plays 18p Image Quiz

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