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SFR Yugoslavia
SFR Yugoslavia ECby apokar 6,769 plays 8p Image Quiz
Cities of SFR Yugoslavia
Cities of SFR Yugoslavia by apokar 2,677 plays 36p Image Quiz
10 Cities of Macedonia
10 Cities of Macedonia by equestenebrarum 2,638 plays 10p Image Quiz
Republic of North Macedonia Flag
Republic of North Macedonia Flag by Geographonic 1,618 plays 3p Shape Quiz
Capitals of Southern Europe
Capitals of Southern Europe by Geographonic 1,150 plays 17p Multiple-Choice
TV channels in North Macedonia
TV channels in North Macedonia ECby apokar 891 plays 9p Shape Quiz
Neighbors Of Macedonia
Neighbors Of Macedonia by UP-AT123 778 plays 4p Image Quiz
30 Yugoslavian Cities
30 Yugoslavian Cities ECby Niklas 627 plays 29p Image Quiz
Neighbors of Macedonia
Neighbors of Macedonia by CRAZY DAVE 355 plays 6p Image Quiz
6 cities of Macedonia
6 cities of Macedonia by Medellin 349 plays 6p Shape Quiz
Macedonian Football Team 2008
Macedonian Football Team 2008 by CM-Macedonia 317 plays 11p Image Quiz
Macedonian Cities
Macedonian Cities by CM-Macedonia 266 plays 33p Image Quiz
Macedonian Football Teams
Macedonian Football Teams by CM-Macedonia 244 plays 20p Image Quiz
Greek toponyms in North Macedonia
Greek toponyms in North Macedonia by apokar 242 plays 10p Image Quiz
Macedonian revolutioners
Macedonian revolutioners by CM-Macedonia 241 plays 12p Image Quiz
Landmarks of Skopje, Macedonia
Landmarks of Skopje, Macedonia by KENOR 220 plays 7p Shape Quiz
Landmarks of Bitola, Macedonia
Landmarks of Bitola, Macedonia by KENOR 195 plays 6p Shape Quiz
Central Macedonia: municipalities
Central Macedonia: municipalities by apokar 183 plays 38p Image Quiz
Western Macedonia: municipalities
Western Macedonia: municipalities by apokar 182 plays 13p Image Quiz
Thessaloniki Metro Area, Greece
Thessaloniki Metro Area, Greece by apokar 181 plays 36p Image Quiz
The Flags of Europe
The Flags of Europe by Chris3117 179 plays 50p Shape Quiz
Alexander by lizonthebay 156 plays 9p Image Quiz
Macedonia flag
Macedonia flag by pemo 155 plays 2p Shape Quiz
Macedonian Pop Singers
Macedonian Pop Singers by CM-Macedonia 154 plays 16p Image Quiz
Central Macedonia: regional units
Central Macedonia: regional units by apokar 134 plays 7p Image Quiz
Landmarks of Tetovo, Macedonia
Landmarks of Tetovo, Macedonia by KENOR 107 plays 5p Shape Quiz
Macedonian cities
Macedonian cities by Nissonic 106 plays 12p Image Quiz
Western Macedonia: regional units
Western Macedonia: regional units by apokar 105 plays 4p Image Quiz
Cities on Rivers (The Balkans)
Cities on Rivers (The Balkans) by bigphil 102 plays 7p Multiple-Choice
Landmarks of Prilep, Macedonia
Landmarks of Prilep, Macedonia by KENOR 93 plays 5p Shape Quiz
Landmarks of Strumica, Macedonia
Landmarks of Strumica, Macedonia by KENOR 87 plays 6p Shape Quiz
Macedonia (F.Y.R.)
Macedonia (F.Y.R.) by Mikegeo 86 plays 7p Image Quiz
Landmarks of Kumanovo, Macedonia
Landmarks of Kumanovo, Macedonia by KENOR 82 plays 5p Shape Quiz

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