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Find 10 Words
Find 10 Words ECby Ronald33 224,648 plays 10p Image Quiz
Just French Clothes
Just French Clothes by Sabine 15,800 plays 25p Image Quiz
It's German Time Again!
It's German Time Again! by equestenebrarum 13,503 plays 12p Image Quiz
Collective Noun Farm
Collective Noun Farm ECby RonaldDerGrosse 11,196 plays 32p Image Quiz
European Countries in French
European Countries in French ECby RonaldDerGrosse 10,496 plays 45p Image Quiz
Europe auf Deutsch
Europe auf Deutsch by RonaldDerGrosse 7,078 plays 50p Image Quiz
Foreign Movie Title Mix Up
Foreign Movie Title Mix Up by RonaldDerGrosse 5,930 plays 15p Image Quiz
French with Vincent Van Gogh
French with Vincent Van Gogh by RonaldDerGrosse 4,857 plays 25p Image Quiz
The House
The House by Mogadishu 4,790 plays 17p Image Quiz
English Humor - Play on Words.
English Humor - Play on Words. ECby RonaldDerGrosse 3,155 plays 20p Multiple-Choice
Places of articulation
Places of articulation by jw36 2,782 plays 8p Image Quiz
Can You Spell?
Can You Spell? by RonaldDerGrosse 2,563 plays 56p Image Quiz
English Numbers Part 1
English Numbers Part 1 by RonaldDerGrosse 1,965 plays 20p Image Quiz
Animal Adjectives
Animal Adjectives ECby Thomsiboms 1,939 plays 36p Image Quiz
Latin Third Declension Endings
Latin Third Declension Endings by a. stoner 1,785 plays 10p Image Quiz
German Opposites Revised Part 1
German Opposites Revised Part 1 by RonaldDerGrosse 1,741 plays 27p Image Quiz
die 9 Nachbarländer
die 9 Nachbarländer by fraudooley 1,395 plays 9p Image Quiz
All Category Quiz 1
All Category Quiz 1 by MasterA 1,384 plays 8p Multiple-Choice
Can you speak Redneck
Can you speak Redneck by RonaldDerGrosse 1,344 plays 28p Image Quiz
Italians, Italian, & Italy
Italians, Italian, & Italy by Dinosaurus4 1,321 plays 20p Multiple-Choice
European Linguistic Necessities
European Linguistic Necessities by RonaldDerGrosse 1,148 plays 76p Image Quiz
More Ologies in Biology
More Ologies in Biology by RonaldDerGrosse 1,096 plays 19p Image Quiz
IPA Vowel Chart
IPA Vowel Chart by prometeus 1,076 plays 28p Image Quiz
Coptic Alphabet
Coptic Alphabet by a. stoner 1,059 plays 31p Image Quiz
All Category Quiz 3
All Category Quiz 3 by MasterA 1,028 plays 8p Multiple-Choice
IPA Consonants
IPA Consonants by heathersssss 1,003 plays 59p Image Quiz
How to count to 12 in Spanish
How to count to 12 in Spanish by paulfunI 955 plays 24p Image Quiz
Danes, Danish, and Denmark
Danes, Danish, and Denmark by Dinosaurus4 933 plays 20p Multiple-Choice
All Category Quiz 2
All Category Quiz 2 by MasterA 924 plays 7p Multiple-Choice
Was gibt's zu essen?
Was gibt's zu essen? by RonaldDerGrosse 869 plays 74p Image Quiz
Face in French
Face in French by Poloazer 830 plays 11p Image Quiz
Italian Alphabet (the italian way)
Italian Alphabet (the italian way) by Wentu 751 plays 52p Image Quiz
Fruit names in Turkish
Fruit names in Turkish by Christo 749 plays 10p Image Quiz
die deutschen Hauptstädte
die deutschen Hauptstädte by fraudooley 736 plays 16p Image Quiz
Francophile or Anglophile or Both
Francophile or Anglophile or Both by RonaldDerGrosse 727 plays 15p Multiple-Choice
German Class 101
German Class 101 by RonaldDerGrosse 676 plays 43p Image Quiz
Dialects of France
Dialects of France by Nikura 660 plays 30p Image Quiz
Latin Fourth Declension Endings
Latin Fourth Declension Endings by a. stoner 588 plays 7p Image Quiz
English for Modern Times
English for Modern Times ECby RonaldDerGrosse 585 plays 51p Image Quiz
Complete That Famous Line
Complete That Famous Line by RonaldDerGrosse 579 plays 43p Image Quiz
Colors in German
Colors in German by Damiano12 570 plays 12p Shape Quiz
How to count to 12 in German
How to count to 12 in German by paulfunI 539 plays 24p Image Quiz
English Numbers 21-50 Part 1
English Numbers 21-50 Part 1 by RonaldDerGrosse 535 plays 30p Image Quiz
Test Your Korean Language - Colors
Test Your Korean Language - Colors by xiaolink 525 plays 11p Shape Quiz
What language is this ? (medium)
What language is this ? (medium) by Wentu 470 plays 12p Image Quiz
Languages and Dialects of China
Languages and Dialects of China by tickman 466 plays 14p Image Quiz
Spelling Bee Revised
Spelling Bee Revised by RonaldDerGrosse 431 plays 14p Image Quiz
Colors in Polish
Colors in Polish ECby Damiano12 421 plays 12p Shape Quiz
Russian Alphabet Handwritten
Russian Alphabet Handwritten by a. stoner 401 plays 33p Image Quiz
Holland, Dutch quiz
Holland, Dutch quiz by TheManwithnoName 397 plays 20p Multiple-Choice
Colors in Spanish
Colors in Spanish by Damiano12 392 plays 12p Shape Quiz

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Games tagged 'Numbers'

Number Trivia: 50
Number Trivia: 5010p Multiple-Choice
Group of dots
Group of dots36p Image Quiz
Math IQ test
Math IQ test32p Image Quiz
Thirty Four Stars
Thirty Four Stars34p Image Quiz
1, 2, 3 (in Europe)
1, 2, 3 (in Europe)51p Image Quiz
Italian Numbers
Italian Numbers30p Image Quiz

Top Games of Type 'Multiple-Choice'

Spanish subject pronouns
Spanish subject pronouns1p Multiple-Choice
French ER verbs 2
French ER verbs 2 16p Multiple-Choice
Year 8 Science Quiz
Year 8 Science Quiz15p Multiple-Choice
Blood Types Quiz
Blood Types Quiz10p Multiple-Choice
metric vocab
metric vocab8p Multiple-Choice
Animal Phyla
Animal Phyla15p Multiple-Choice