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el alfabeto espanol
el alfabeto espanol by Profesora 5,329 plays 30p Image Quiz
Greek Alphabet
Greek Alphabet by racaulk 2,546 plays 24p Image Quiz
Elder Futhark, Runic Alphabet
Elder Futhark, Runic Alphabet by Jonas­ 1,961 plays 24p Image Quiz
Block Letter Parts
Block Letter Parts by MrsRrocks 1,866 plays 6p Image Quiz
Keyboard & Hands
Keyboard & Hands by Profesora 969 plays 73p Image Quiz
Really Big Words
Really Big Words ECby Snavelaar 768 plays 18p Image Quiz
Basic Hebrew Sounds (printed) – A
Basic Hebrew Sounds (printed) – A by elzamam 755 plays 26p Image Quiz
Italian Alphabet (the italian way)
Italian Alphabet (the italian way) by Wentu 631 plays 52p Image Quiz
letters by nathan7 301 plays 7p Image Quiz
The Alphabet Game
The Alphabet Game by Rosstex 239 plays 26p Image Quiz
Letters and numbers
Letters and numbers by Dana. 172 plays 16p Image Quiz
Slavic cyrillic alphabets
Slavic cyrillic alphabets by tat1642 171 plays 7p Image Quiz
Younger Futhark, Runic Alphabet
Younger Futhark, Runic Alphabet by Jonas­ 134 plays 16p Image Quiz
ALFABETO ... by Ulisesyo 131 plays 27p Image Quiz
"t", "u", "v", & "w" states by JoshuaS18 126 plays 9p Image Quiz
Slavic cyrillic letters
Slavic cyrillic letters by tat1642 114 plays 58p Image Quiz
Basic Hebrew Sounds (written) – A
Basic Hebrew Sounds (written) – A by elzamam 112 plays 26p Image Quiz
Parts of a Letter
Parts of a Letter by meganfrazier1 98 plays 11p Image Quiz
What's in a Memo?
What's in a Memo? by wiselearner1 94 plays 8p Shape Quiz
Capitals-Countries by Poloazer 79 plays 29p Image Quiz
INICIALES... by Ulisesyo 74 plays 36p Image Quiz
Europe in Ceasar Cipher
Europe in Ceasar Cipher by Nuclearclown 66 plays 10p Image Quiz
ALFABETO ... by Ulisesyo 57 plays 26p Shape Quiz
The alphabet with a cell phone
The alphabet with a cell phone by Nuclearclown 46 plays 26p Image Quiz
Arabic Alphabet
Arabic Alphabet by Khawla 42 plays 27p Image Quiz
Africa- Hard 1
Africa- Hard 1 by Wizardpenguin 24 plays 18p Image Quiz
The Gothic Alphabet
The Gothic Alphabet by Jonas­ 15 plays 27p Shape Quiz
Alphabet by PeanutBuddha 14 plays 26p Image Quiz
NUMBERS AND LETTERS by Cesarerivasr 12 plays 5p Matching Game
EL PRINCIPITO ... by Ulisesyo 11 plays 49p Image Quiz

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Today 23 February
Today 23 February16p Image Quiz
Today 9 October
Today 9 October14p Image Quiz
Today 14 October
Today 14 October14p Image Quiz
Today 14 January
Today 14 January14p Image Quiz
Today 28 November
Today 28 November14p Image Quiz
Today 11 February
Today 11 February16p Image Quiz
Today 6 October
Today 6 October14p Image Quiz
Today 31 December
Today 31 December14p Image Quiz
Today 17 October
Today 17 October14p Image Quiz

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Stem 6 Dec 2019
Stem 6 Dec 201920p Matching Game
US Capitals
US Capitals50p Matching Game
Greek Gods Matching
Greek Gods Matching7p Matching Game
Skeletal Vocab 1
Skeletal Vocab 114p Matching Game