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European Capitols
European Capitols by thatguyheis 10,128 plays 39p Image Quiz
Das Badezimmer / The Bathroom
Das Badezimmer / The Bathroom by kcoutlaw 9,482 plays 25p Image Quiz
German Foods / Gehen wir einkaufen!
German Foods / Gehen wir einkaufen! by kcoutlaw 8,423 plays 20p Image Quiz
Basic Guitar Chords
Basic Guitar Chords by Dal 5,031 plays 15p Image Quiz
Animals in German IV
Animals in German IV by SharifProvoste 4,957 plays 15p Image Quiz
Days of the Week in Japanese (Kanji)
Days of the Week in Japanese (Kanji) by hp24luver 2,444 plays 7p Image Quiz
At a German Table / Mahlzeit!
At a German Table / Mahlzeit! by kcoutlaw 2,189 plays 22p Image Quiz
Bathroom for English Learners
Bathroom for English Learners ECby kcoutlaw 1,766 plays 28p Image Quiz
Spanish Ordinal Numbers
Spanish Ordinal Numbers by SharifProvoste 1,007 plays 30p Image Quiz
Piano Key Names
Piano Key Names by bobee 576 plays 13p Image Quiz
German Plural
German Plural by SharifProvoste 568 plays 11p Image Quiz
4th grade math you should know
4th grade math you should know by meerazee 507 plays 4p Multiple-Choice
Basic Romanian
Basic Romanian by SharifProvoste 471 plays 12p Image Quiz
Animals in German II
Animals in German II ECby SharifProvoste 357 plays 15p Image Quiz
Landscapes and Nature in German
Landscapes and Nature in German by kcoutlaw 336 plays 24p Image Quiz
Animals in German I
Animals in German I by SharifProvoste 241 plays 15p Image Quiz
Spelling and Grammar
Spelling and Grammar by Princessowl 234 plays 4p Multiple-Choice
Animals in German V
Animals in German V by SharifProvoste 223 plays 15p Image Quiz
Keyboard memorization test
Keyboard memorization test by Kiptoo 220 plays 13p Image Quiz
Lost in Translation
Lost in Translation by Ms.HellFire 155 plays 13p Multiple-Choice
Daily vocabulary 3 (German)
Daily vocabulary 3 (German) by SharifProvoste 144 plays 13p Shape Quiz
[Colours in Turkish 2]
[Colours in Turkish 2] by nehir 115 plays 4p Image Quiz
Katakana Characters
Katakana Characters by niimporta 115 plays 46p Image Quiz
Learn Japanese
Learn Japanese by ⓀⒾⓂⒾ???????? 88 plays 15p Multiple-Choice
Animals in German III
Animals in German III by SharifProvoste 87 plays 15p Image Quiz
Animals in German VI
Animals in German VI by SharifProvoste 78 plays 15p Image Quiz
Anaphor Hunt
Anaphor Hunt by phrasedetectives 69 plays 7p Image Quiz
Bones of the right leg A&P
Bones of the right leg A&P by FSUsemiNOLES 57 plays 14p Image Quiz
Learn portuguese
Learn portuguese by Blablachouette 46 plays 9p Multiple-Choice
Human Body Polish Singular
Human Body Polish Singular by deejay111 45 plays 28p Image Quiz
Daily vocabulary (German)
Daily vocabulary (German) by SharifProvoste 41 plays 13p Shape Quiz
Learn Your Wine Regions
Learn Your Wine Regions by Vinstinct 37 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
Know Your PurposeGames
Know Your PurposeGames by mabafi 37 plays 27p Shape Quiz
Label a heart - Science Exam study
Label a heart - Science Exam study by Nugget64 36 plays 12p Image Quiz
French Horn Pieces
French Horn Pieces by e34c 35 plays 10p Image Quiz
South America Countries
South America Countries by theo_honey 25 plays 13p Image Quiz
Learn Norwegian #1
Learn Norwegian #1 by amariliscello 24 plays 20p Matching Game
Alphabet by PeanutBuddha 23 plays 26p Image Quiz
europe by fm123 21 plays 6p Image Quiz
Seasons in Japanese (Kanji)
Seasons in Japanese (Kanji) by hp24luver 13 plays 4p Image Quiz

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Today 19 December
Today 19 December14p Image Quiz
Today 19 August
Today 19 August16p Image Quiz
Today 1 April
Today 1 April16p Image Quiz
Today 23 May
Today 23 May16p Image Quiz
Today 12 September
Today 12 September16p Image Quiz
Today 5 February
Today 5 February16p Image Quiz
Today 22 August
Today 22 August16p Image Quiz
Today 22 May
Today 22 May16p Image Quiz
Today 18 July
Today 18 July16p Image Quiz
Today 23 June
Today 23 June16p Image Quiz

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Regions of Texas!
Regions of Texas!4p Shape Quiz
Euro Landforms
Euro Landforms12p Shape Quiz
Germany Flag
Germany Flag3p Shape Quiz
Provinces of Spain
Provinces of Spain20p Shape Quiz
First Aid Kit
First Aid Kit12p Shape Quiz
Canada Flag
Canada Flag3p Shape Quiz