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Soviet Leaders
Soviet Leaders ECby Niklas 150,574 plays 7p Image Quiz
World Leaders 2007
World Leaders 2007 ECby Doffa 10,162 plays 28p Image Quiz
History at the outbreak of World War II
History at the outbreak of World War II by RonaldDerGrosse 4,283 plays 21p Multiple-Choice
What Do You Know About WWI
What Do You Know About WWI by RonaldDerGrosse 4,096 plays 30p Multiple-Choice
Assassinated Leaders
Assassinated Leaders ECby Niklas 2,758 plays 18p Image Quiz
Leaders of WW2
Leaders of WW2 ECby kathmandu 2,463 plays 9p Image Quiz
World Leaders 2008
World Leaders 2008 by Doffa 2,409 plays 31p Image Quiz
Leaders of China
Leaders of China by Niklas 2,247 plays 5p Image Quiz
Presidentes de España
Presidentes de España by aghalberto 1,788 plays 8p Image Quiz
Military Leaders
Military Leaders by Niklas 1,291 plays 24p Image Quiz
Soviet Leaders, pt2
Soviet Leaders, pt2 by Niklas 1,105 plays 7p Image Quiz
The Leaders of Europe
The Leaders of Europe by kathmandu 701 plays 39p Image Quiz
World Leaders 2010-2011
World Leaders 2010-2011 by vlady 454 plays 66p Image Quiz
Name 20th Century Leaders
Name 20th Century Leaders by OLY 395 plays 21p Image Quiz
8 Governors of Puerto Rico
8 Governors of Puerto Rico by therealgeolama 294 plays 8p Image Quiz
Famous Names: Singles
Famous Names: Singles ECby Rumpleteazer 277 plays 25p Image Quiz
All Time Average Leaders
All Time Average Leaders by jgeo 269 plays 10p Image Quiz
Presidents of Ireland
Presidents of Ireland by Chuperca 262 plays 8p Image Quiz
Presidents of Ukraine
Presidents of Ukraine by Chuperca 253 plays 4p Image Quiz
Religion They Founded
Religion They Founded ECby OLY 247 plays 10p Image Quiz
Famous Names: David
Famous Names: David by Rumpleteazer 231 plays 25p Image Quiz
Famous Names: Robert
Famous Names: Robert ECby Rumpleteazer 202 plays 25p Image Quiz
Famous Names: Anne
Famous Names: Anne ECby Rumpleteazer 201 plays 25p Image Quiz
Famous Names: Thomas
Famous Names: Thomas ECby Rumpleteazer 199 plays 25p Image Quiz
Famous Names: Husbands & Wives
Famous Names: Husbands & Wives by Rumpleteazer 197 plays 26p Image Quiz
World leaders
World leaders ECby Susan123 190 plays 20p Image Quiz
Famous Names: Siblings
Famous Names: Siblings ECby Rumpleteazer 187 plays 26p Image Quiz
State Leaders in 1000 AD
State Leaders in 1000 AD by Wentu 185 plays 24p Image Quiz
Famous Names: Fathers & Sons
Famous Names: Fathers & Sons ECby Rumpleteazer 182 plays 26p Image Quiz
LAST 10 CATHOLIC POPES by OLY 181 plays 10p Image Quiz
Famous Names: Jones
Famous Names: Jones ECby Rumpleteazer 180 plays 25p Image Quiz

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