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Conjugating "sein" in German by kcoutlaw 15,817 plays 10p Image Quiz
French Prepositions
French Prepositions by Peto 15,518 plays 11p Image Quiz
Just French Clothes
Just French Clothes by Sabine 15,220 plays 25p Image Quiz
Ir +a+infinitive
Ir +a+infinitive by cmayville 14,861 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
Halloween Night
Halloween Night by dot59 14,670 plays 11p Image Quiz
Spanish Clothes Quiz 2
Spanish Clothes Quiz 2 ECby mrsright0325 14,642 plays 10p Image Quiz
Body parts (Spanish vocabulary)
Body parts (Spanish vocabulary) by Peto 14,602 plays 21p Image Quiz
Chinese Colors
Chinese Colors ECby Niklas 14,458 plays 10p Image Quiz
Ant war (French)
Ant war (French) by Poloazer 14,271 plays 3p Image Quiz
Hebrew Letters
Hebrew Letters ECby RazN 13,899 plays 22p Image Quiz
Languages of Europe
Languages of Europe by famisamis 13,671 plays 43p Image Quiz
It's German Time Again!
It's German Time Again! by equestenebrarum 13,388 plays 12p Image Quiz
Greek Alphabet, small letters
Greek Alphabet, small letters ECby Niklas 12,788 plays 24p Image Quiz
Spanish Pronouns
Spanish Pronouns by scarybutterfly1772 12,382 plays 9p Multiple-Choice
Body parts ( French )
Body parts ( French ) by Peto 12,283 plays 33p Image Quiz
Spanish Family Vocab
Spanish Family Vocab by Mr. Geeee 12,237 plays 7p Image Quiz
Spelling 100 - 1000 in Spanish
Spelling 100 - 1000 in Spanish by Taylor-Roman 12,174 plays 22p Multiple-Choice
Satsdelar by 86joca76 12,054 plays 26p Multiple-Choice
Arabic Numbers 1-10 (Easy)
Arabic Numbers 1-10 (Easy) by shameemsadiq 11,541 plays 10p Image Quiz
Episode 2 vocabulary words
Episode 2 vocabulary words by Sra. Ramos 11,212 plays 7p Matching Game
Morse Code
Morse Code by MisterSamsonite 11,193 plays 44p Image Quiz
Collective Noun Farm
Collective Noun Farm ECby RonaldDerGrosse 11,141 plays 32p Image Quiz
A French House
A French House ECby Peto 10,896 plays 15p Image Quiz
German Perfect Tense
German Perfect Tense by joolz47 10,870 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
Onomatopoeia ECby MrT 10,848 plays 13p Image Quiz
French Fruits and Vegetables
French Fruits and Vegetables ECby Sabine 10,798 plays 28p Image Quiz
Spanish affir. and negative words
Spanish affir. and negative words by Peto 10,687 plays 16p Image Quiz
Colors in English
Colors in English ECby tsairi 10,654 plays 11p Image Quiz
Spanish Verb- IR
Spanish Verb- IR by afulks 10,591 plays 7p Image Quiz
Japanese Numbers 1-10
Japanese Numbers 1-10 by eberndt 10,407 plays 10p Image Quiz
European Countries in French
European Countries in French ECby RonaldDerGrosse 10,386 plays 45p Image Quiz
Days of the week in French
Days of the week in French by CRAZY DAVE 10,097 plays 7p Matching Game
French Greetings: 10 easy questions
French Greetings: 10 easy questions by Peto 10,043 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
Ser and Estar Conjugations
Ser and Estar Conjugations by Profesora 9,845 plays 13p Image Quiz
Aller - to go
Aller - to go by MmePanter 9,517 plays 6p Image Quiz
D1 Vok. Quiz #7
D1 Vok. Quiz #7 by fraudooley 9,515 plays 11p Image Quiz
German Head
German Head by equestenebrarum 9,321 plays 14p Image Quiz
Das Badezimmer / The Bathroom
Das Badezimmer / The Bathroom by kcoutlaw 9,295 plays 25p Image Quiz
Common Spanish Verbs 1
Common Spanish Verbs 1 by Peto 9,127 plays 19p Image Quiz
Count to 20 in Spanish
Count to 20 in Spanish by joessss14 9,110 plays 20p Image Quiz
Episode 3 Gabi
Episode 3 Gabi by Sra. Ramos 9,108 plays 8p Matching Game
Vocabulary Words ACT SAT Test 1
Vocabulary Words ACT SAT Test 1 by rodney.dunham 8,931 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
Gustar practice
Gustar practice by SenoraThomas 8,694 plays 12p Image Quiz
Arabic: Colors
Arabic: Colors by Indie 8,657 plays 11p Multiple-Choice
Spanish Colors
Spanish Colors ECby Santiago R. Rojo 8,617 plays 7p Image Quiz
Spanish days of the week
Spanish days of the week by profe 8,589 plays 7p Image Quiz
German Numbers
German Numbers by RonaldDerGrosse 8,125 plays 49p Image Quiz
French Food Pyramid
French Food Pyramid by jmacadoo 8,112 plays 12p Image Quiz
Interrogatives - FRENCH
Interrogatives - FRENCH by Peto 8,047 plays 9p Image Quiz
Spanish Comparisons
Spanish Comparisons by ms_deweese 7,886 plays 16p Text Game
French Directions
French Directions by Random1 7,883 plays 11p Multiple-Choice
Spanish Calendar
Spanish Calendar by Sra.Schroeder 7,610 plays 13p Multiple-Choice
Am Strand (German)
Am Strand (German) by equestenebrarum 7,606 plays 13p Image Quiz
Declarative and Interrogaive Sentences
Declarative and Interrogaive Sentences by Mrs. Creeley 7,393 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
Conjugating the Spanish Verb
Conjugating the Spanish Verb "Tener" by OkieDokie 7,384 plays 6p Multiple-Choice
Desserts in German
Desserts in German by Snowbaby 7,370 plays 6p Image Quiz
German Furniture
German Furniture by kcoutlaw 7,216 plays 20p Image Quiz

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