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Weather in Spanish
Weather in Spanish by Peto 25,128 plays 19p Image Quiz
Clothing (Spanish Vocabulary)
Clothing (Spanish Vocabulary) ECby Peto 22,737 plays 24p Image Quiz
Spanish question words
Spanish question words by fattyninjabill 20,319 plays 7p Image Quiz
Colors in French
Colors in French by kathmandu 19,791 plays 11p Image Quiz
French - Rooms in a House
French - Rooms in a House by stephenm 19,666 plays 15p Image Quiz
Spanish Classroom Objects
Spanish Classroom Objects by maestraSHMS 18,999 plays 21p Image Quiz
Speech Organs #Aj.Waranya K.
Speech Organs #Aj.Waranya K. by YokyPanudda 18,336 plays 21p Image Quiz
French 24 Hour clock
French 24 Hour clock by Germanjoe 18,012 plays 12p Image Quiz
Giving Directions in German
Giving Directions in German ECby Germanjoe 17,807 plays 13p Image Quiz
Spanish main fruits
Spanish main fruits by fattyninjabill 17,302 plays 4p Image Quiz
Praepositiones - VI
Praepositiones - VI by agamador 17,276 plays 10p Image Quiz
Los Colores (Spanish Colors)
Los Colores (Spanish Colors) ECby cricket77 17,187 plays 11p Image Quiz
The Spanish Face Quiz
The Spanish Face Quiz by mrsright0325 17,104 plays 11p Image Quiz
Names of Food in Spanish
Names of Food in Spanish by therealgeolama 16,894 plays 6p Image Quiz
Colors in German
Colors in German by kathmandu 16,374 plays 11p Image Quiz
Gabi: Episode 1
Gabi: Episode 1 by Sra. Ramos 16,239 plays 8p Matching Game
Demonstrative adjectives
Demonstrative adjectives by afulks 16,208 plays 12p Image Quiz
French Prepositions
French Prepositions by Peto 14,800 plays 11p Image Quiz
Conjugating "sein" in German by kcoutlaw 14,699 plays 10p Image Quiz
Spanish Clothes Quiz 2
Spanish Clothes Quiz 2 ECby mrsright0325 14,493 plays 10p Image Quiz
Halloween Night
Halloween Night by dot59 14,316 plays 11p Image Quiz
Body parts (Spanish vocabulary)
Body parts (Spanish vocabulary) by Peto 14,281 plays 21p Image Quiz
Ant war (French)
Ant war (French) by Poloazer 14,234 plays 3p Image Quiz
Chinese Colors
Chinese Colors ECby Niklas 13,902 plays 10p Image Quiz
Just French Clothes
Just French Clothes by Sabine 13,832 plays 25p Image Quiz
Languages of Europe
Languages of Europe by famisamis 13,595 plays 43p Image Quiz
Hebrew Letters
Hebrew Letters ECby RazN 13,564 plays 22p Image Quiz
Spanish Possessive Adjectives
Spanish Possessive Adjectives by yeclaeys 13,388 plays 15p Matching Game
It's German Time Again!
It's German Time Again! by equestenebrarum 13,059 plays 12p Image Quiz
Spanish Family Tree
Spanish Family Tree by Profesora 12,406 plays 10p Image Quiz
Spanish Pronouns
Spanish Pronouns by scarybutterfly1772 12,308 plays 9p Multiple-Choice
Spanish Family Vocab
Spanish Family Vocab by Mr. Geeee 12,045 plays 7p Image Quiz
Greek Alphabet, small letters
Greek Alphabet, small letters ECby Niklas 11,930 plays 24p Image Quiz
Satsdelar by 86joca76 11,321 plays 26p Multiple-Choice
Episode 2 vocabulary words
Episode 2 vocabulary words by Sra. Ramos 11,176 plays 7p Matching Game
Collective Noun Farm
Collective Noun Farm ECby RonaldDerGrosse 10,756 plays 32p Image Quiz
Arabic Numbers 1-10 (Easy)
Arabic Numbers 1-10 (Easy) by shameemsadiq 10,550 plays 10p Image Quiz
Colors in English
Colors in English ECby tsairi 10,438 plays 11p Image Quiz
Ir +a+infinitive
Ir +a+infinitive by cmayville 10,373 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
European Countries in French
European Countries in French ECby RonaldDerGrosse 10,228 plays 45p Image Quiz

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