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Europe. Lakes & Capes.
Europe. Lakes & Capes. by Mr. Espeso 9,033 plays 16p Image Quiz
Jezera Srbije
Jezera Srbije by Sasam66 2,064 plays 47p Image Quiz
The Great Lakes, Facts and Cities
The Great Lakes, Facts and Cities by Dal 653 plays 21p Image Quiz
Classic Rock
Classic Rock by Geographonic 614 plays 50p Multiple-Choice
Lakes Throughout the World
Lakes Throughout the World by Dal 574 plays 18p Image Quiz
Lakes of Switzerland
Lakes of Switzerland by geosopnica 567 plays 15p Image Quiz
Eesti järved
Eesti järved by AMRebane 507 plays 20p Image Quiz
Strange Shaped Lakes
Strange Shaped Lakes by Alcyone 405 plays 7p Shape Quiz
Alpine Glaciation
Alpine Glaciation ECby Geographonic 399 plays 14p Image Quiz
The shapes of the largest lakes
The shapes of the largest lakes by Wentu 280 plays 36p Image Quiz
New Zealand North Island
New Zealand North Island by sir_carlsberg 219 plays 9p Image Quiz
10 Highest Lakes in the World
10 Highest Lakes in the World ECby Ashgabat 203 plays 10p Image Quiz
Geography of China
Geography of China by sir_carlsberg 163 plays 29p Image Quiz
Lakes of the world
Lakes of the world by Elenn 163 plays 30p Image Quiz
Water bodies of Uganda
Water bodies of Uganda by baerry86 126 plays 31p Shape Quiz
On this lake !
On this lake ! by Wentu 120 plays 12p Multiple-Choice
Lake Baikal
Lake Baikal by sir_carlsberg 109 plays 6p Image Quiz
Evropa řeky, jezera
Evropa řeky, jezera by Elenn 108 plays 95p Image Quiz
Great Lakes of Canada
Great Lakes of Canada by sir_carlsberg 104 plays 5p Image Quiz
Permafrost by Geographonic 103 plays 13p Image Quiz
Seas and Lakes in the Netherlands
Seas and Lakes in the Netherlands by Esar 87 plays 30p Image Quiz
10 Largest Reservoirs by Volume
10 Largest Reservoirs by Volume by Ashgabat 86 plays 10p Image Quiz
Tops of the World
Tops of the World by ssccnn 79 plays 6p Image Quiz
Oceans , Seas and Lakes
Oceans , Seas and Lakes by sir_carlsberg 75 plays 46p Image Quiz
Types of Lakes
Types of Lakes by Geographonic 74 plays 16p Image Quiz
kazakhstan by sir_carlsberg 50 plays 12p Image Quiz
Physical Map of Lesotho
Physical Map of Lesotho by Geographonic 50 plays 12p Image Quiz
Louisiana Features
Louisiana Features by dtyler001 48 plays 8p Image Quiz
Lake's of The World
Lake's of The World by sir_carlsberg 44 plays 18p Image Quiz
Lake Onega
Lake Onega by a. stoner 39 plays 17p Image Quiz
Croatia by Luka98 38 plays 4p Multiple-Choice
Lake Turnover | Seasons Quiz
Lake Turnover | Seasons Quiz by Geographonic 32 plays 9p Image Quiz
Geography of Victoria
Geography of Victoria by sir_carlsberg 30 plays 18p Image Quiz
Scandinavia by sir_carlsberg 30 plays 30p Image Quiz
North America Features
North America Features by PancakeMan77 26 plays 25p Image Quiz
Africa: Physical Features
Africa: Physical Features by emccon3487 25 plays 6p Image Quiz
Waters in Piedmont
Waters in Piedmont by Georg10 23 plays 21p Image Quiz
Geography of South Australia
Geography of South Australia by sir_carlsberg 23 plays 19p Image Quiz
South America Physical Map Quiz
South America Physical Map Quiz by emccon3487 14 plays 10p Image Quiz
Lake Winnipesaukee Islands
Lake Winnipesaukee Islands by livefreeordie 10 plays 99p Image Quiz
Lake Ladoga
Lake Ladoga by a. stoner 10 plays 19p Image Quiz

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