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Kosovo and Metohija (Serbia)
Kosovo and Metohija (Serbia) by apokar 2,073 plays 2p Image Quiz
TV channels in Kosovo
TV channels in Kosovo ECby apokar 842 plays 4p Shape Quiz
Landen van Europa
Landen van Europa by Geographonic 696 plays 50p Shape Quiz
Cities of Kosovo
Cities of Kosovo by DiNNi 579 plays 11p Image Quiz
30 Yugoslavian Cities
30 Yugoslavian Cities ECby Niklas 566 plays 29p Image Quiz
Kosovo Flag
Kosovo Flag by Geographonic 363 plays 8p Shape Quiz
Neighbors of Kosovo
Neighbors of Kosovo by CRAZY DAVE 349 plays 5p Image Quiz
Towns of Kosovo in Serbian
Towns of Kosovo in Serbian by apokar 278 plays 17p Image Quiz
Kosovo - Serb enclaves
Kosovo - Serb enclaves by apokar 260 plays 15p Image Quiz
Towns in Kosovo
Towns in Kosovo by apokar 257 plays 11p Image Quiz
Towns of Kosovo in Albanian
Towns of Kosovo in Albanian by apokar 255 plays 17p Image Quiz
5 Largest Cities of Kosovo
5 Largest Cities of Kosovo by Ashgabat 178 plays 5p Image Quiz
Unrecognized countries in Europe
Unrecognized countries in Europe by tat1642 172 plays 11p Image Quiz
Landmarks of Pristina, Kosovo
Landmarks of Pristina, Kosovo by KENOR 142 plays 5p Shape Quiz
Kviz znanja
Kviz znanja by Sanja Bascarevic 90 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
Kosovan cities
Kosovan cities by nissonic 71 plays 12p Image Quiz
Sister cities of Peć, Kosovo
Sister cities of Peć, Kosovo ECby Medellin 49 plays 3p Image Quiz
War Posters 2 NEW!!
War Posters 2 NEW!! by Chuperca 33 plays 12p Image Quiz

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