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Prefectures of Japan
Prefectures of Japan ECby ladama 74,951 plays 47p Image Quiz
Four Islands of Japan
Four Islands of Japan by InsanePenguin 26,785 plays 4p Image Quiz
25 Cities of Japan
25 Cities of Japan ECby David 19,037 plays 25p Image Quiz
Japan Geography
Japan Geography by Ian 10,681 plays 24p Image Quiz
Japan Flag
Japan Flag by Geographonic 8,335 plays 2p Shape Quiz
Indija, Kina i Japan
Indija, Kina i Japan by Geouciteljica 6,468 plays 10p Image Quiz
Regions of Japan
Regions of Japan by Ashgabat 5,919 plays 9p Image Quiz
Japanese Weapons
Japanese Weapons ECby Rip 3,949 plays 10p Image Quiz
Population Pyramids matching game
Population Pyramids matching game by Geographonic 3,667 plays 4p Matching Game
Japanese Hiragana Vowel Column
Japanese Hiragana Vowel Column by hp24luver 3,309 plays 5p Image Quiz
Cardinal Directions in Japanese
Cardinal Directions in Japanese by Vykoso 2,651 plays 8p Image Quiz
Days of the Week in Japanese (Kanji)
Days of the Week in Japanese (Kanji) by hp24luver 2,641 plays 7p Image Quiz
Hiragana (Japanese)
Hiragana (Japanese) by Nissonic 2,435 plays 46p Image Quiz
Japanese Numbers 1-10 (Kanji)
Japanese Numbers 1-10 (Kanji) by hp24luver 1,884 plays 10p Image Quiz
Japanese Hiragana K Column
Japanese Hiragana K Column by hp24luver 1,751 plays 5p Image Quiz
Tokugawa Japan
Tokugawa Japan by Sloshkosh 1,391 plays 18p Image Quiz
Modern Japanese Prefectures
Modern Japanese Prefectures by Sloshkosh 1,356 plays 45p Image Quiz
Kanji1 (Japanese)
Kanji1 (Japanese) by Nissonic 1,282 plays 8p Image Quiz
15 easy Japanese words
15 easy Japanese words by pels 1,275 plays 15p Multiple-Choice
The Characters of Touhou
The Characters of Touhou by melol 1,255 plays 55p Image Quiz
Japan - Islands and Straits
Japan - Islands and Straits by JeremyT 1,215 plays 7p Image Quiz
Hand weapons - Kyokushin Karate
Hand weapons - Kyokushin Karate by Vinternatt 1,102 plays 9p Image Quiz
Japanese Hiragana S Column
Japanese Hiragana S Column by hp24luver 1,043 plays 5p Image Quiz
Japanese Empire in 1942
Japanese Empire in 1942 by Niklas 1,036 plays 25p Image Quiz
The Capitals of Japan
The Capitals of Japan by tom5118 990 plays 47p Image Quiz
6 cities of Japan
6 cities of Japan ECby Medellin 987 plays 6p Shape Quiz
16 Easy Flags
16 Easy Flags by 𝓶𝓪𝓵𝓸𝓾𝓻𝓮 902 plays 16p Shape Quiz
Numbers 1-10 in Japanese (Romaji)
Numbers 1-10 in Japanese (Romaji) by hp24luver 859 plays 10p Image Quiz
Anime Parts
Anime Parts by CuterSky 849 plays 6p Image Quiz
Katakana (Japanese)
Katakana (Japanese) by Nissonic 749 plays 46p Image Quiz
Kanji2 (Japanese)
Kanji2 (Japanese) by Nissonic 700 plays 10p Image Quiz
Japanese Hiragana Chart (Hard)
Japanese Hiragana Chart (Hard) by hp24luver 696 plays 46p Image Quiz
Famous Hot Springs
Famous Hot Springs by Geographonic 675 plays 9p Image Quiz
World War II on Guam
World War II on Guam by guamgirl 646 plays 25p Multiple-Choice
Wards of Tokyo (Japanese)
Wards of Tokyo (Japanese) by Itachi 621 plays 23p Image Quiz
Japan Map Quiz-Barrett
Japan Map Quiz-Barrett by TenaflyHockey9 606 plays 21p Image Quiz
Numbers 1-10 in Japanese (Kanji)
Numbers 1-10 in Japanese (Kanji) by hp24luver 601 plays 10p Image Quiz
Sea of Japan
Sea of Japan by Niklas 553 plays 20p Image Quiz
Dragon Ball Z
Dragon Ball Z by Nikura 552 plays 28p Image Quiz
East Costal Asia Capitals
East Costal Asia Capitals by Idiot16 552 plays 3p Image Quiz
Old Provinces of Japan
Old Provinces of Japan by Itachi 549 plays 69p Image Quiz
Japan Map Quiz
Japan Map Quiz by cheyenneryan 547 plays 33p Image Quiz
Neighbors Of Japan
Neighbors Of Japan by UP-AT123 536 plays 5p Image Quiz
Flag of Japan
Flag of Japan by joc3942 533 plays 3p Image Quiz
Endangered Tuna
Endangered Tuna by Geographonic 526 plays 11p Multiple-Choice
Kanji3 (Japanese)
Kanji3 (Japanese) by Nissonic 518 plays 10p Image Quiz
Death Note Characters
Death Note Characters by hp24luver 518 plays 6p Image Quiz
Japanese Dog Breeds
Japanese Dog Breeds by Jonas 505 plays 6p Image Quiz
Japanese Cuisine
Japanese Cuisine ECby bigphil 500 plays 9p Shape Quiz
Animals in Japanese (Romaji)
Animals in Japanese (Romaji) ECby hp24luver 500 plays 9p Image Quiz
Japanese Hiragana T Column
Japanese Hiragana T Column by hp24luver 441 plays 5p Image Quiz

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