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Regions of Italy
Regions of Italy by Niklas 353,474 plays 20p Image Quiz
Seven Hills of Rome
Seven Hills of Rome by Niklas 254,179 plays 7p Image Quiz
Rivers of Italy / Fiumi italiani
Rivers of Italy / Fiumi italiani by antonio-epc 169,056 plays 16p Image Quiz
Regioni d'Italia
Regioni d'Italia by steo74 58,924 plays 20p Image Quiz
25 Cities of Italy
25 Cities of Italy by David 38,830 plays 25p Image Quiz
Italy, Regions and their Capitals
Italy, Regions and their Capitals ECby Niklas 11,392 plays 40p Image Quiz
Italian Numbers
Italian Numbers by Niklas 4,827 plays 30p Image Quiz
Ancient Roman Italy - Regions
Ancient Roman Italy - Regions by Classicsboy 2,558 plays 22p Image Quiz
Roman Empire Quiz
Roman Empire Quiz by Niklas 2,327 plays 18p Multiple-Choice
Citta' Italiane
Citta' Italiane by FSosio 2,280 plays 20p Image Quiz
Italian Sportscars
Italian Sportscars by Niklas 2,140 plays 16p Image Quiz
Italy: Geography
Italy: Geography by eulistes 1,865 plays 13p Image Quiz
When in Rome I
When in Rome I by Niklas 1,814 plays 9p Image Quiz
Friuli - Venezia Giulia (Italy)
Friuli - Venezia Giulia (Italy) by apokar 1,691 plays 2p Image Quiz
Italy Flag
Italy Flag ECby Geographonic 1,664 plays 3p Shape Quiz
Around the world - part two
Around the world - part two ECby paulfunI 1,629 plays 11p Image Quiz
Emilia - Romagna (Italy)
Emilia - Romagna (Italy) by apokar 1,554 plays 2p Image Quiz
Sicily by Niklas 1,536 plays 17p Image Quiz
Taliansko by Terra Incognita 1,534 plays 47p Image Quiz
Cities in Italy, Nord-Est
Cities in Italy, Nord-Est by Niklas 1,432 plays 20p Image Quiz
Pasta Shapes
Pasta Shapes by Huggie18 1,337 plays 8p Image Quiz
Roman Roads in Italy
Roman Roads in Italy by Niklas 1,319 plays 18p Image Quiz
Italians, Italian, & Italy
Italians, Italian, & Italy by Dinosaurus4 1,311 plays 20p Multiple-Choice
Islands of Italy
Islands of Italy by Niklas 1,194 plays 17p Image Quiz
Waters in Northern Italy
Waters in Northern Italy by Niklas 1,182 plays 21p Image Quiz
Italian cities
Italian cities ECby nissonic 1,134 plays 12p Image Quiz
When in Rome II
When in Rome II ECby Niklas 1,128 plays 12p Image Quiz
Regions (Rioni) of Rome
Regions (Rioni) of Rome by Niklas 1,044 plays 22p Image Quiz
Capitals of Southern Europe
Capitals of Southern Europe by Geographonic 1,004 plays 17p Multiple-Choice
Italian Empire in 1940
Italian Empire in 1940 by Niklas 984 plays 10p Image Quiz
Cities in Italy, Isole
Cities in Italy, Isole by Niklas 962 plays 20p Image Quiz
Sightseeing in Rome
Sightseeing in Rome by Niklas 961 plays 20p Image Quiz
Venice by Dal 949 plays 19p Image Quiz
SERIE A   2007-2008
SERIE A 2007-2008 by kristk 928 plays 20p Image Quiz
A Pizza a Day
A Pizza a Day by Constantia 894 plays 9p Image Quiz
Italy Regions
Italy Regions by danielgomes 889 plays 20p Image Quiz

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