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Colors in Italian
Colors in Italian by Niklas 12,288 plays 11p Image Quiz
Italian Vocabulary
Italian Vocabulary by Meryli 5,574 plays 30p Image Quiz
Foreign Movie Title Mix Up
Foreign Movie Title Mix Up by RonaldDerGrosse 5,082 plays 15p Image Quiz
Italian painters (Rinascimento)
Italian painters (Rinascimento) by antonio-epc 3,043 plays 15p Image Quiz
Regions of Italy (English)
Regions of Italy (English) by frenchhorn 2,370 plays 20p Image Quiz
Colors in Italian
Colors in Italian by kathmandu 1,577 plays 11p Image Quiz
What language is this ? (easy)
What language is this ? (easy) by Wentu 1,448 plays 12p Image Quiz
Italians, Italian, & Italy
Italians, Italian, & Italy by Dinosaurus4 1,309 plays 20p Multiple-Choice
Italian cities
Italian cities ECby nissonic 1,125 plays 12p Image Quiz
European Linguistic Necessities
European Linguistic Necessities by RonaldDerGrosse 1,120 plays 76p Image Quiz
Frutta e Verdura (italian)
Frutta e Verdura (italian) by Wentu 995 plays 28p Image Quiz
Il Mercato - Food Italian
Il Mercato - Food Italian ECby jblakeslee 962 plays 28p Image Quiz
A Pizza a Day
A Pizza a Day by Constantia 882 plays 9p Image Quiz
Italian Clock
Italian Clock by Niklas 856 plays 12p Image Quiz
Cities of Italy
Cities of Italy by Geographonic 640 plays 9p Image Quiz
Il tempo - weather
Il tempo - weather by espanolH45 615 plays 11p Image Quiz
Colours in Italian
Colours in Italian by Manchester United 538 plays 10p Image Quiz
Animals in Italian
Animals in Italian ECby Susan123 495 plays 10p Image Quiz
Cantons of Switzerland (Italian)
Cantons of Switzerland (Italian) by apokar 488 plays 26p Image Quiz
Italian Alphabet (the italian way)
Italian Alphabet (the italian way) by Wentu 487 plays 52p Image Quiz
Ancient Roman Cities of Italy
Ancient Roman Cities of Italy ECby Herbert13 453 plays 59p Image Quiz
Italian Scenery
Italian Scenery by Geographonic 436 plays 9p Image Quiz
Italian Language: The Clothes
Italian Language: The Clothes by geosoccer 428 plays 16p Shape Quiz
La Casa
La Casa by jblakeslee 422 plays 17p Image Quiz
The Hello Game
The Hello Game ECby Oneilsnh 350 plays 12p Shape Quiz
Colours in Italian
Colours in Italian ECby Niklas 339 plays 11p Image Quiz
Numbers in Italian
Numbers in Italian by RBC 328 plays 50p Image Quiz
Italian Numbers
Italian Numbers by Manchester United 327 plays 10p Image Quiz
Italian - Food & Meals II
Italian - Food & Meals II by sandrp02 307 plays 14p Image Quiz
The Goodbye Game
The Goodbye Game ECby Oneilsnh 296 plays 15p Shape Quiz
Basilicata by kurtir-nakhunte 278 plays 2p Image Quiz
Italy in 1084
Italy in 1084 by tickman 273 plays 26p Image Quiz
Italian Provinces 1
Italian Provinces 1 by Wentu 272 plays 24p Image Quiz
Italian - Food & Meals I
Italian - Food & Meals I by sandrp02 261 plays 9p Image Quiz
Italian Statues
Italian Statues by Wentu 247 plays 26p Image Quiz
Wood Colours
Wood Colours ECby Geographonic 222 plays 9p Shape Quiz
Italian Language: The Drinks
Italian Language: The Drinks by geosoccer 208 plays 12p Shape Quiz

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