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Southwest and Central Asia
Southwest and Central Asia by MrMan1 25,144 plays 34p Image Quiz
Islam questions!
Islam questions! by kennera1 5,876 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
Unit Three Geography
Unit Three Geography by sjoyc 5,504 plays 12p Image Quiz
Elements of Islamic architecture
Elements of Islamic architecture by Mr. Espeso 2,666 plays 10p Shape Quiz
Geography for Unit 3: Islam
Geography for Unit 3: Islam by sjoyc 2,549 plays 15p Image Quiz
Legacy of Islamic Spain (711-1492)
Legacy of Islamic Spain (711-1492) by Peto 1,312 plays 10p Image Quiz
Turkey Flag
Turkey Flag by Geographonic 933 plays 3p Shape Quiz
                 Comoros Flag
Comoros Flag by Geographonic 929 plays 7p Shape Quiz
Morocco Flag
Morocco Flag by Geographonic 831 plays 3p Shape Quiz
Mauritania Flag 1959 - 2017
Mauritania Flag 1959 - 2017 by Geographonic 635 plays 2p Shape Quiz
10 Largest Followers of Islam
10 Largest Followers of Islam by Ashgabat 495 plays 10p Image Quiz
The Five Pillars of Islam
The Five Pillars of Islam by Connie G. 323 plays 5p Matching Game
Five Holiest Sites of Islam
Five Holiest Sites of Islam by Ashgabat 244 plays 5p Image Quiz
World Map of religions
World Map of religions by Geographonic 236 plays 13p Image Quiz
Flag of Mauritania
Flag of Mauritania by Geographonic 221 plays 3p Shape Quiz
-stans in the world
-stans in the world by XjihadX 207 plays 28p Image Quiz
War in Mali
War in Mali by Geographonic 193 plays 18p Shape Quiz
Religion in Indonesia
Religion in Indonesia by a. stoner 178 plays 17p Image Quiz
Heads of Nation of Islam
Heads of Nation of Islam by XjihadX 147 plays 5p Image Quiz
Western Sahara Flag
Western Sahara Flag by Geographonic 130 plays 5p Shape Quiz
Holiest Sites of Sunni Islam
Holiest Sites of Sunni Islam by Ashgabat 126 plays 5p Image Quiz
Muslim Distribution
Muslim Distribution by Ashgabat 109 plays 7p Image Quiz
Muhammad and the Caliphs
Muhammad and the Caliphs by mrowcat 108 plays 14p Multiple-Choice
De landen van Noord-Afrika
De landen van Noord-Afrika by Geographonic 100 plays 7p Image Quiz
Holiest Sites of Shia Islam
Holiest Sites of Shia Islam by Ashgabat 84 plays 10p Image Quiz
5 zuilen van de islam
5 zuilen van de islam by Geographonic 51 plays 5p Matching Game
Islam in the World
Islam in the World by Alfia 46 plays 53p Image Quiz
Ottoman Sultans
Ottoman Sultans by kigarian 39 plays 26p Image Quiz
The largest Mosques
The largest Mosques by Wentu 35 plays 34p Image Quiz
IQ TEST FOR AGAMA by aqilah 26 plays 5p Multiple-Choice
September 2012 Muslim Protests
September 2012 Muslim Protests by a. stoner 18 plays 21p Image Quiz
Religion in North Africa
Religion in North Africa by Alfia 16 plays 35p Image Quiz
The five pillars of Islam
The five pillars of Islam by Wizardpenguin 7 plays 5p Matching Game
Islamic nations
Islamic nations by urasamsdrar 3 plays 13p Shape Quiz

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