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Anatomy of a Honey Bee
Anatomy of a Honey Bee ECby Geographonic 6,485 plays 18p Image Quiz
Insect Head Anatomy
Insect Head Anatomy by toddpole 2,509 plays 15p Image Quiz
Insect Antennae
Insect Antennae by tickman 1,686 plays 11p Image Quiz
Ectoparasites (Insects)
Ectoparasites (Insects) by KWeber10 1,080 plays 10p Image Quiz
Insect Legs
Insect Legs by toddpole 1,077 plays 7p Image Quiz
Grasshopper External Anatomy
Grasshopper External Anatomy by BioBlast 751 plays 15p Image Quiz
Bugs That Bug Us...
Bugs That Bug Us... by OLY 554 plays 11p Image Quiz
Shrubs for Bees
Shrubs for Bees ECby tiggs 516 plays 9p Image Quiz
Beautiful Bugs
Beautiful Bugs by Snavelaar 504 plays 13p Image Quiz
Mosquito Life Cycle
Mosquito Life Cycle by tickman 484 plays 11p Image Quiz
Insect Cuticle and Epidermis
Insect Cuticle and Epidermis by tickman 426 plays 23p Image Quiz
Insect Respiration Anatomy
Insect Respiration Anatomy by toddpole 392 plays 10p Image Quiz
Insects and Rodents
Insects and Rodents by King Attz 371 plays 12p Image Quiz
Hemipteroid Insects
Hemipteroid Insects by toddpole 324 plays 18p Image Quiz
Taiga Food Web
Taiga Food Web ECby Geographonic 306 plays 18p Image Quiz
insect internal anatomy
insect internal anatomy ECby Teslo561 290 plays 18p Image Quiz
Insect Nervous System
Insect Nervous System by toddpole 250 plays 7p Image Quiz
Facts on Insects
Facts on Insects by Shadow​ 242 plays 6p Image Quiz
Ten Insects in Icelandic
Ten Insects in Icelandic by silfurkex 231 plays 10p Image Quiz
An Ant's Anatomy
An Ant's Anatomy by tickman 212 plays 45p Image Quiz
Butterflies by silfurkex 192 plays 23p Image Quiz
Orange Moths
Orange Moths ECby Sunny1 181 plays 6p Shape Quiz
Wetland Wildlife
Wetland Wildlife by Geographonic 175 plays 10p Image Quiz
Insect Thorax
Insect Thorax by toddpole 154 plays 29p Image Quiz
Moulting by Wentu 153 plays 12p Image Quiz
Adult Mosquito (simple version)
Adult Mosquito (simple version) by tickman 149 plays 21p Image Quiz
Basal Hexapods
Basal Hexapods by toddpole 145 plays 9p Image Quiz
Wing Vein Anatomy
Wing Vein Anatomy by toddpole 116 plays 23p Image Quiz
Insect Head
Insect Head by Teslo561 103 plays 10p Image Quiz
Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta)
Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta) by Medellin 95 plays 18p Image Quiz
Painted Lady (Vanessa cardui)
Painted Lady (Vanessa cardui) ECby Medellin 93 plays 18p Image Quiz
Mosquito Larva (Simple Version)
Mosquito Larva (Simple Version) by tickman 84 plays 19p Image Quiz
Colorful insects
Colorful insects by tickman 82 plays 13p Image Quiz
Misterious Little Objects - SEM 1
Misterious Little Objects - SEM 1 by Wentu 80 plays 20p Image Quiz
Mosquito mouthparts 1
Mosquito mouthparts 1 ECby Teslo561 67 plays 6p Image Quiz
Horse Parasites
Horse Parasites by Horse_Lover 67 plays 10p Shape Quiz
Insect Muscle Anatomy
Insect Muscle Anatomy by toddpole 66 plays 23p Image Quiz
European Peacock (Inachis io)
European Peacock (Inachis io) ECby Medellin 63 plays 20p Image Quiz
Arkansas Animals Quiz
Arkansas Animals Quiz by Geographonic 58 plays 16p Image Quiz
Bugs in German
Bugs in German by SharifProvoste 57 plays 15p Image Quiz
Purple Emperor (Apatura iris)
Purple Emperor (Apatura iris) ECby Medellin 55 plays 14p Image Quiz
Large insects
Large insects by ufoo 55 plays 9p Shape Quiz
Chewing-Lapping mouthparts
Chewing-Lapping mouthparts ECby Teslo561 52 plays 7p Image Quiz
Insect Nervous Systen Refex Arc
Insect Nervous Systen Refex Arc by toddpole 47 plays 14p Image Quiz
Cicada mouthparts 1
Cicada mouthparts 1 by Teslo561 43 plays 6p Image Quiz
Adult Mosquito (advanced version)
Adult Mosquito (advanced version) by tickman 40 plays 32p Image Quiz
Mosquito Larva (Advanced Version)
Mosquito Larva (Advanced Version) by tickman 36 plays 25p Image Quiz
Insect mouth specialization
Insect mouth specialization by Teslo561 36 plays 3p Image Quiz
Sveriges Landskapsinsekter
Sveriges Landskapsinsekter by Jonas 35 plays 25p Image Quiz
Siphoning mouthparts 2
Siphoning mouthparts 2 ECby Teslo561 27 plays 7p Image Quiz
Mosquito mouthparts 2
Mosquito mouthparts 2 by Teslo561 26 plays 9p Image Quiz
Siphoning mouthparts 3
Siphoning mouthparts 3 by Teslo561 21 plays 5p Image Quiz
Mosquito mouthparts 3
Mosquito mouthparts 3 by Teslo561 17 plays 11p Image Quiz
Siphoning mouthparts 1
Siphoning mouthparts 1 by Teslo561 16 plays 3p Image Quiz

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