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States of India
States of India ECby Doffa 115,957 plays 28p Image Quiz
Southern Asia [Indian Subcontinent]
Southern Asia [Indian Subcontinent] by misstia 40,357 plays 18p Image Quiz
Ancient India Map
Ancient India Map by Jrafter 27,858 plays 11p Image Quiz
India Caste System
India Caste System by Mr. Geeee 26,161 plays 11p Image Quiz
Rivers in India
Rivers in India by Niklas 15,531 plays 15p Image Quiz
Districts of Rajasthan
Districts of Rajasthan by slaaty 8,232 plays 33p Image Quiz
Cities of India
Cities of India by ashwatha 7,687 plays 12p Image Quiz
south asia countries
south asia countries by leprechaun 4,101 plays 7p Image Quiz
Seven sister states of India (SG)
Seven sister states of India (SG) ECby chafawa 3,187 plays 7p Shape Quiz
India Political Map
India Political Map by Jack111 3,080 plays 9p Image Quiz
The Capitals of India
The Capitals of India by tom5118 2,343 plays 34p Image Quiz
Mountain Ranges of India
Mountain Ranges of India by Ashgabat 1,907 plays 10p Image Quiz
Around the world - part two
Around the world - part two ECby paulfunI 1,744 plays 11p Image Quiz
Sanskrit Alphabet 1
Sanskrit Alphabet 1 by Alfia 1,735 plays 45p Image Quiz
Andaman and Nicobar Islands (India)
Andaman and Nicobar Islands (India) by apokar 1,602 plays 2p Image Quiz
Languages of India
Languages of India by ashwatha 1,583 plays 17p Image Quiz
India Flag
India Flag by Geographonic 1,251 plays 4p Shape Quiz
Rivers of India
Rivers of India by Mary4 1,247 plays 7p Image Quiz
South Asia Physical Features
South Asia Physical Features by rockn-da-bass-gtr 1,063 plays 28p Image Quiz
Arabian Sea
Arabian Sea by Niklas 1,014 plays 19p Image Quiz
Bay of Bengal
Bay of Bengal by Niklas 1,009 plays 15p Image Quiz
Partition of India
Partition of India by Niklas 998 plays 11p Image Quiz
Worlds Wheat Production
Worlds Wheat Production by Geographonic 904 plays 11p Shape Quiz
Districts of Karnataka
Districts of Karnataka by slaaty 887 plays 30p Image Quiz
Neighbors Of India
Neighbors Of India by UP-AT123 687 plays 9p Image Quiz
Landscapes of India
Landscapes of India by Geographonic 665 plays 9p Image Quiz
India by havassy 657 plays 4p Image Quiz
Capitals of South Asia
Capitals of South Asia by Geographonic 602 plays 9p Multiple-Choice
Beniretto History- India
Beniretto History- India by ecarr1166 588 plays 29p Image Quiz
Famous Marble Buildings
Famous Marble Buildings by Geographonic 550 plays 9p Shape Quiz
Holy Rivers
Holy Rivers ECby Geographonic 520 plays 14p Shape Quiz
Flag of India
Flag of India by joc3942 511 plays 6p Image Quiz
Actors and Characters of Lagaan
Actors and Characters of Lagaan by prateek55 485 plays 11p Image Quiz
Indian Cuisine
Indian Cuisine by bigphil 473 plays 6p Shape Quiz
6 cities of India
6 cities of India ECby Medellin 443 plays 6p Shape Quiz
Countries with Nuclear Weapons
Countries with Nuclear Weapons by bigphil 430 plays 9p Image Quiz
Mr Mercator is back!
Mr Mercator is back! by paulfunI 416 plays 14p Image Quiz
Decolonization Review
Decolonization Review by leckstein 415 plays 8p Image Quiz
Districts of Maharashtra
Districts of Maharashtra by chafawa 401 plays 35p Image Quiz
Bigger Than Most Countries (pop)
Bigger Than Most Countries (pop) by slaaty 399 plays 20p Image Quiz
South Asian Geography
South Asian Geography by kmathis 385 plays 21p Shape Quiz
India Neighbors
India Neighbors by CRAZY DAVE 361 plays 11p Image Quiz
Buddhist Temples
Buddhist Temples by Geographonic 332 plays 18p Shape Quiz
10 Largest Cities in India
10 Largest Cities in India by bigphil 320 plays 10p Image Quiz
The World - Do you really know it?
The World - Do you really know it? by paulfunI 313 plays 30p Image Quiz
Satellite Series : Wildfires
Satellite Series : Wildfires by Geographonic 310 plays 9p Shape Quiz
countries of asia
countries of asia by lauren c :) 301 plays 17p Image Quiz
BRIC leaders in 2008
BRIC leaders in 2008 by Wentu 299 plays 11p Image Quiz

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