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Counties of Hungary until 1919
Counties of Hungary until 1919 ECby Pannonicus 46,325 plays 71p Image Quiz
Counties of Hungary
Counties of Hungary by BigBrother 4,501 plays 20p Image Quiz
12 Cities of Hungary
12 Cities of Hungary by equestenebrarum 3,502 plays 12p Image Quiz
Austria-Hungary (1867-1918)
Austria-Hungary (1867-1918) by apokar 1,830 plays 2p Image Quiz
magyar megyék
magyar megyék by Madmartigan 1,727 plays 19p Image Quiz
Magyarország az Árpád-korban
Magyarország az Árpád-korban by emeralgo 1,502 plays 27p Image Quiz
Austria-Hungary ECby Beltenebros 1,409 plays 18p Image Quiz
Which countries border Hungary?
Which countries border Hungary? by kristk 1,263 plays 8p Shape Quiz
Hungary Flag
Hungary Flag by Geographonic 1,148 plays 3p Shape Quiz
Nationalities in the Habsburg Empire
Nationalities in the Habsburg Empire by Pannonicus 1,004 plays 12p Image Quiz
Landmarks of Budapest, Hungary
Landmarks of Budapest, Hungary ECby KENOR 938 plays 9p Shape Quiz
Vármegyék székhelyei
Vármegyék székhelyei by gerzsd 705 plays 72p Image Quiz
Neighbors Of Hungary
Neighbors Of Hungary by UP-AT123 673 plays 7p Image Quiz
magyar régiók
magyar régiók by Madmartigan 564 plays 7p Image Quiz
Counties of Hungary
Counties of Hungary by Beltenebros 538 plays 20p Image Quiz
Which countries border Austria?
Which countries border Austria? by kristk 472 plays 8p Shape Quiz
12 Cities in Hungary
12 Cities in Hungary ECby Geographonic 402 plays 12p Image Quiz
Flag of Hungary
Flag of Hungary by joc3942 368 plays 6p Image Quiz
Big regions of Hungary
Big regions of Hungary ECby Miss Sophie 360 plays 7p Image Quiz
6 cities of Hungary
6 cities of Hungary by Medellin 353 plays 6p Shape Quiz
Neighbors of Hungary
Neighbors of Hungary by CRAZY DAVE 313 plays 8p Image Quiz
Austria-Hungary 1910
Austria-Hungary 1910 by Niklas 297 plays 18p Image Quiz
Hungary (physical)
Hungary (physical) by a. stoner 296 plays 10p Image Quiz
Colours in Hungarian
Colours in Hungarian by Niklas 296 plays 11p Image Quiz
Hungary - Magyarország
Hungary - Magyarország by mgazso 271 plays 20p Multiple-Choice
Budapest districts
Budapest districts by szabba 267 plays 23p Image Quiz
10 Largest Cities of Hungary
10 Largest Cities of Hungary by Ashgabat 244 plays 10p Image Quiz
Ethnic Groups of Romania
Ethnic Groups of Romania by Chuperca 227 plays 10p Image Quiz
Neighbors Of Hungary
Neighbors Of Hungary by Tanel Tikame 226 plays 7p Image Quiz
National Symbols of Hungary
National Symbols of Hungary by KENOR 213 plays 8p Shape Quiz
Sports venues in Hungary
Sports venues in Hungary by Bart-man 200 plays 4p Shape Quiz
Hungary - the quiz
Hungary - the quiz by a. stoner 187 plays 13p Multiple-Choice
Hungarian toponyms in Romania
Hungarian toponyms in Romania by apokar 182 plays 15p Image Quiz

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