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Horror Movies
Horror Movies ECby King Attz 101,312 plays 12p Image Quiz
Famous cinema psycho killers
Famous cinema psycho killers by Nikura 4,250 plays 12p Image Quiz
Horror Movie Characters
Horror Movie Characters by King Attz 1,101 plays 9p Image Quiz
Stephen King's Horror Show
Stephen King's Horror Show by Snavelaar 701 plays 28p Image Quiz
Who wrote it?(10)
Who wrote it?(10) by Milly 102 plays 10p Image Quiz
Name The Movie Villain
Name The Movie Villain by OLY 99 plays 20p Image Quiz
3 GHOSTS!!!!!!!!!!
3 GHOSTS!!!!!!!!!! by DOGG 85 plays 4p Shape Quiz
Simpsons 3D Equations
Simpsons 3D Equations by oikkilukki 36 plays 4p Shape Quiz
Stephen King Novels
Stephen King Novels by cjcassens 34 plays 15p Image Quiz
Películas de terror
Películas de terror by Sari Alarcon 10 plays 10p Image Quiz

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