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Ser y Estar
Ser y Estar by Sunny1 6,914 plays 9p Matching Game
Arabic Pronouns (translit.)
Arabic Pronouns (translit.) by Indie 6,198 plays 10p Image Quiz
DIPTONGO o HIATO... by Ulisesyo 5,437 plays 20p Multiple-Choice
English Grammar Quiz
English Grammar Quiz by Dal 5,209 plays 15p Multiple-Choice
Active or Passive Voice?
Active or Passive Voice? by fraugrimm 4,318 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
Arabic: Prepositions
Arabic: Prepositions by Indie 3,869 plays 8p Image Quiz
Participle Phrases
Participle Phrases by dpp5080 2,608 plays 1p Multiple-Choice
Los Pronombres Personales (Spanish)
Los Pronombres Personales (Spanish) by Sunny1 2,511 plays 7p Shape Quiz
Arabic: Derived verb forms
Arabic: Derived verb forms by Indie 2,085 plays 9p Image Quiz
The Eight Parts of Speech
The Eight Parts of Speech by Mr. Awesomeness 1,422 plays 8p Multiple-Choice
Making Questions
Making Questions ECby acLiLtocLiMB 1,086 plays 11p Image Quiz
For, Since, or Ago?
For, Since, or Ago? by fraugrimm 980 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
kennen oder wissen
kennen oder wissen by FrauCook 699 plays 15p Multiple-Choice
Gerund or Infinitive?
Gerund or Infinitive? by prometeus 564 plays 106p Multiple-Choice
Arabic Language: General Knowledge
Arabic Language: General Knowledge by Indie 551 plays 17p Multiple-Choice
Arabic Verbs: Form I (B)
Arabic Verbs: Form I (B) by Indie 491 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
TILDE ... by Ulisesyo 375 plays 15p Image Quiz
Me, Myself, or I?
Me, Myself, or I? ECby fraugrimm 347 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
German Plural
German Plural by SharifProvoste 316 plays 11p Image Quiz
Verbos con preposiciones
Verbos con preposiciones by luisa89 241 plays 10p Matching Game
Phrasal Verbs on the Telephone
Phrasal Verbs on the Telephone by fraugrimm 229 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
Spelling and Grammar
Spelling and Grammar by Princessowl 228 plays 4p Multiple-Choice
TILDE ... by Ulisesyo 213 plays 20p Image Quiz
Arabic Verbs: Form I (A)
Arabic Verbs: Form I (A) by Indie 198 plays 12p Multiple-Choice
Latin Cases and their Uses
Latin Cases and their Uses by TheAppleMan 188 plays 5p Matching Game
Verbo  SABER ...
Verbo SABER ... by Ulisesyo 152 plays 20p Image Quiz
Subject Verb Agreement
Subject Verb Agreement by sanikashinde 151 plays 20p Multiple-Choice
EL PRINCIPITO... by Ulisesyo 141 plays 20p Image Quiz
What type of Word is it?
What type of Word is it? by chuckbunting 136 plays 18p Image Quiz
Articles in Europe (Grammar)
Articles in Europe (Grammar) ECby tickman 134 plays 5p Image Quiz
Past Forms
Past Forms by natlago 127 plays 19p Multiple-Choice
Prepositions of Time
Prepositions of Time by fraugrimm 125 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
'To be' in Icelandic - Past Tense
'To be' in Icelandic - Past Tense by silfurkex 125 plays 6p Image Quiz
Arabic Verbs 2
Arabic Verbs 2 by Indie 119 plays 12p Image Quiz
For or Since?
For or Since? by fraugrimm 112 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
Is this noun......?
Is this noun......? by Mr. Awesomeness 112 plays 20p Multiple-Choice
Adverb Grammar Game
Adverb Grammar Game by love4writing18 94 plays 9p Multiple-Choice
Make or Do?
Make or Do? by fraugrimm 86 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
Active voice or passive voice?
Active voice or passive voice? by morganmESL 74 plays 14p Multiple-Choice
Irregular verbs in English 3
Irregular verbs in English 3 by Tuija 70 plays 20p Type-the-Answer
CIEN AÑOS de SOLEDAD... by Ulisesyo 62 plays 20p Shape Quiz
Latin Declension Endings
Latin Declension Endings by mavne 58 plays 108p Shape Quiz
Sentence Classifications
Sentence Classifications by Mr. Awesomeness 53 plays 12p Multiple-Choice
<<<  S . I . G . L . A . S . ] ] ]
<<< S . I . G . L . A . S . ] ] ] by Ulisesyo 53 plays 27p Image Quiz
TILDE... by Ulisesyo 52 plays 20p Multiple-Choice
Phrasal Verbs #2 - Off
Phrasal Verbs #2 - Off by fraugrimm 52 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
Phrasal Verbs #1
Phrasal Verbs #1 by fraugrimm 49 plays 10p Multiple-Choice

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