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Sites of Gothenburg (Göteborg)
Sites of Gothenburg (Göteborg) by Aasa 901 plays 15p Image Quiz
Gothenburg, Sweden
Gothenburg, Sweden by Niklas 648 plays 12p Image Quiz
Platser i Göteborg (in Swedish)
Platser i Göteborg (in Swedish) by Niklas 292 plays 30p Image Quiz
Places to visit in Sweden
Places to visit in Sweden by Shadow​ 285 plays 9p Image Quiz
Sweden's three biggest cities
Sweden's three biggest cities by paulfunI 257 plays 3p Image Quiz
Showing you a bit of Sweden
Showing you a bit of Sweden by paulfunI 218 plays 11p Image Quiz
Sweden - a challenge
Sweden - a challenge by paulfunI 201 plays 64p Image Quiz
Sweden's five biggest cities
Sweden's five biggest cities by paulfunI 187 plays 10p Image Quiz
Gothenburg by paulfunI 151 plays 10p Image Quiz
POI of Gothenburg, Sweden
POI of Gothenburg, Sweden ECby ktreenbean13 147 plays 8p Image Quiz
Churches of central Göteborg
Churches of central Göteborg by wazeld 34 plays 32p Image Quiz
Gothenburg- advanced
Gothenburg- advanced by paulfunI 32 plays 33p Image Quiz
Gothenburg by paulfunI 24 plays 19p Shape Quiz
Tramstops of GBG                        [Easy]  [2010]
Tramstops of GBG [Easy] [2010] by Emat 7 plays 32p Image Quiz

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