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Colours in German
Colours in German ECby Niklas 305,230 plays 11p Image Quiz
States of Germany (Bundesländer)
States of Germany (Bundesländer) by Niklas 117,919 plays 16p Image Quiz
German State Capitals
German State Capitals by kcoutlaw 110,170 plays 16p Image Quiz
25 Cities of Germany
25 Cities of Germany by David 107,894 plays 25p Image Quiz
German States / Bundesländer
German States / Bundesländer by kcoutlaw 49,214 plays 16p Image Quiz
Germany's Neighbors
Germany's Neighbors by fraugrasso 37,624 plays 9p Image Quiz
States of Germany
States of Germany ECby fraugrasso 23,897 plays 16p Image Quiz
Colors in German
Colors in German by kathmandu 17,364 plays 11p Image Quiz
Germany's Rivers
Germany's Rivers by fraugrasso 17,143 plays 8p Image Quiz
Capitals of German States
Capitals of German States by fraugrasso 16,549 plays 16p Image Quiz
German Army and Air Force Ranks
German Army and Air Force Ranks by FS 9,279 plays 29p Image Quiz
Germany, States and their Capitals
Germany, States and their Capitals by Niklas 8,479 plays 29p Image Quiz
Germany Flag
Germany Flag by Geographonic 6,461 plays 3p Shape Quiz
The capitals of Germany
The capitals of Germany by Fibonacci92 6,017 plays 15p Image Quiz
Boroughs (Bezirke) of Berlin
Boroughs (Bezirke) of Berlin by Niklas 5,408 plays 12p Image Quiz
German, English ans Scandinavian cities
German, English ans Scandinavian cities by djkalo 5,203 plays 59p Image Quiz
Germany - Ten big cities
Germany - Ten big cities by paulfunI 5,051 plays 10p Image Quiz
Flags by Petter5 4,515 plays 15p Image Quiz
What Do You Know About WWI
What Do You Know About WWI by RonaldDerGrosse 4,110 plays 30p Multiple-Choice
German wine regions
German wine regions ECby GurSim 4,097 plays 13p Image Quiz
German Road Signs
German Road Signs by Niklas 4,067 plays 25p Image Quiz
Flags of EU
Flags of EU by Petter5 3,281 plays 25p Image Quiz
German Territorial Losses 1919-1945
German Territorial Losses 1919-1945 by tickman 3,112 plays 12p Image Quiz
German Navy Ranks
German Navy Ranks by FS 2,450 plays 30p Image Quiz
The German Colonial Empire
The German Colonial Empire by Pannonicus 2,443 plays 13p Image Quiz
Rivers of Germany (easy)
Rivers of Germany (easy) by GurSim 2,363 plays 10p Image Quiz
Wine Regions in Germany
Wine Regions in Germany by Niklas 2,301 plays 13p Image Quiz
deutschsprachige Länder
deutschsprachige Länder by vrusu 2,281 plays 15p Image Quiz
Find Germany
Find Germany by Moondark1 2,227 plays 1p Image Quiz
Deutschland hat 16 Bundesländer
Deutschland hat 16 Bundesländer by kcoutlaw 2,206 plays 16p Image Quiz
National Parks Of Germany
National Parks Of Germany ECby Adam 1,954 plays 16p Image Quiz
DIASPORA OF CROATIA IN EUROPE by Vinko Tokić 1,745 plays 6p Shape Quiz
Deutschland in Europa - Easy Edition
Deutschland in Europa - Easy Edition by slaaty 1,688 plays 14p Image Quiz
Rheinland - Pfalz (Germany)
Rheinland - Pfalz (Germany) by apokar 1,646 plays 2p Image Quiz
Mecklenburg - Vorpommern (Germany)
Mecklenburg - Vorpommern (Germany) by apokar 1,615 plays 2p Image Quiz
Baden - Wuerttemberg (Germany)
Baden - Wuerttemberg (Germany) by apokar 1,587 plays 2p Image Quiz
Nordrhein - Westfalen (Germany)
Nordrhein - Westfalen (Germany) by apokar 1,586 plays 2p Image Quiz
Schleswig - Holstein (Germany)
Schleswig - Holstein (Germany) by apokar 1,581 plays 2p Image Quiz
Rivers in Germany
Rivers in Germany by Niklas 1,494 plays 22p Image Quiz
Deutschsprachige Literatur
Deutschsprachige Literatur by GurSim 1,445 plays 20p Multiple-Choice
Cities of Germany 1/2
Cities of Germany 1/2 by equestenebrarum 1,432 plays 54p Image Quiz
Tour de France winners
Tour de France winners by Geographonic 1,426 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
German Beer Breweries
German Beer Breweries ECby equestenebrarum 1,371 plays 19p Image Quiz
Germany by Zahara200 1,214 plays 53p Image Quiz
Capitals of German Bundesländer
Capitals of German Bundesländer by GurSim 1,207 plays 16p Image Quiz
Landkreise in Schleswig-Holstein
Landkreise in Schleswig-Holstein by GurSim 1,149 plays 15p Image Quiz
States of Germany - shapes
States of Germany - shapes ECby Niklas 1,139 plays 16p Shape Quiz
Countries surrounding Germany
Countries surrounding Germany by Math Whiz 1,123 plays 10p Image Quiz
Cities of Germany 2/2
Cities of Germany 2/2 by equestenebrarum 1,100 plays 45p Image Quiz
Germany, 1871-1918
Germany, 1871-1918 by Pannonicus 1,082 plays 32p Image Quiz
Nürburgring Nordschleife
Nürburgring Nordschleife by Niklas 1,073 plays 28p Image Quiz

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