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Colours in German
Colours in German ECby Niklas 335,713 plays 11p Image Quiz
German State Capitals
German State Capitals by kcoutlaw 113,405 plays 16p Image Quiz
Let's Count to 20 in German!
Let's Count to 20 in German! by kcoutlaw 79,306 plays 20p Image Quiz
German States / Bundesländer
German States / Bundesländer by kcoutlaw 50,729 plays 16p Image Quiz
Germany's Neighbors
Germany's Neighbors by fraugrasso 39,728 plays 9p Image Quiz
German rooms in a house
German rooms in a house ECby Germanjoe 34,649 plays 7p Image Quiz
Das Wohnzimmer / The Living Room
Das Wohnzimmer / The Living Room by kcoutlaw 30,553 plays 19p Image Quiz
States of Germany
States of Germany ECby fraugrasso 26,148 plays 16p Image Quiz
die deutschen Körperteile
die deutschen Körperteile ECby fraudooley 24,239 plays 16p Image Quiz
German Numbers / Zahlen auf Deutsch
German Numbers / Zahlen auf Deutsch by kcoutlaw 24,200 plays 21p Image Quiz
Giving Directions in German
Giving Directions in German ECby Germanjoe 20,103 plays 13p Image Quiz
die deutschen Farben
die deutschen Farben ECby fraudooley 19,834 plays 9p Image Quiz
Germany's Rivers
Germany's Rivers by fraugrasso 18,165 plays 8p Image Quiz
Capitals of German States
Capitals of German States by fraugrasso 18,107 plays 16p Image Quiz
Afrikas Länder
Afrikas Länder by Lama 17,897 plays 49p Image Quiz
Colors in German
Colors in German by kathmandu 17,720 plays 11p Image Quiz
Deutsche Verben (German Verbs)
Deutsche Verben (German Verbs) by equestenebrarum 16,544 plays 17p Image Quiz
Obst auf Deutsch
Obst auf Deutsch ECby Germanjoe 16,171 plays 10p Image Quiz
It's German Time Again!
It's German Time Again! by equestenebrarum 13,657 plays 12p Image Quiz
Entdeckung Spongebob
Entdeckung Spongebob by loomer97german 13,224 plays 1p Image Quiz
das Gemüse
das Gemüse ECby fraudooley 12,701 plays 8p Image Quiz
D1 Vok. Quiz #7
D1 Vok. Quiz #7 by fraudooley 9,552 plays 11p Image Quiz
Das Badezimmer / The Bathroom
Das Badezimmer / The Bathroom by kcoutlaw 9,497 plays 25p Image Quiz
German Head
German Head by equestenebrarum 9,466 plays 14p Image Quiz
Das Wetter
Das Wetter by frautrav 9,195 plays 6p Image Quiz
Eine deutsche Familie
Eine deutsche Familie by fraudooley 9,118 plays 6p Image Quiz
German Numbers
German Numbers by RonaldDerGrosse 8,231 plays 49p Image Quiz
Trennbare Verben
Trennbare Verben by fraudooley 8,110 plays 12p Multiple-Choice
Am Strand (German)
Am Strand (German) by equestenebrarum 7,913 plays 13p Image Quiz
das deutsche Wetter
das deutsche Wetter by fraudooley 7,845 plays 8p Image Quiz
Numbers in German (0-20)
Numbers in German (0-20) by brw2100 7,842 plays 21p Image Quiz
Europe auf Deutsch
Europe auf Deutsch by RonaldDerGrosse 7,164 plays 50p Image Quiz
Getränke auf Deutsch
Getränke auf Deutsch by Germanjoe 6,535 plays 11p Image Quiz
die deutschen Jahreszeiten
die deutschen Jahreszeiten by fraudooley 6,465 plays 4p Image Quiz
Foreign Movie Title Mix Up
Foreign Movie Title Mix Up by RonaldDerGrosse 6,436 plays 15p Image Quiz
die Hausarbeit
die Hausarbeit by fraudooley 6,373 plays 12p Image Quiz
die Uhren
die Uhren by fraudooley 6,333 plays 12p Image Quiz
die deutschen Klassenobjekte #2
die deutschen Klassenobjekte #2 by fraudooley 6,204 plays 14p Image Quiz
German Furniture (Vocabulary)
German Furniture (Vocabulary) by equestenebrarum 6,065 plays 28p Image Quiz
M-L Kleidung
M-L Kleidung by fraudooley 5,917 plays 15p Image Quiz
German Numbers / Zahlen auf Deutsch II
German Numbers / Zahlen auf Deutsch II by kcoutlaw 5,766 plays 24p Image Quiz
TCU das Esszimmer
TCU das Esszimmer by fraudooley 5,369 plays 9p Image Quiz
German Question Words
German Question Words by fraudooley 5,110 plays 10p Image Quiz
Animals in German IV
Animals in German IV by SharifProvoste 5,110 plays 15p Image Quiz
TCU die Küche
TCU die Küche by fraudooley 5,030 plays 8p Image Quiz
die Zimmer im Haus
die Zimmer im Haus by fraudooley 4,989 plays 9p Image Quiz
Deutsche Autos
Deutsche Autos by fraudooley 4,952 plays 5p Image Quiz
die 16 deutschen Bundesländer
die 16 deutschen Bundesländer by fraudooley 4,710 plays 16p Image Quiz
German Present Tense Endings of Regular Verbs
German Present Tense Endings of Regular Verbs by Germanjoe 4,532 plays 12p Multiple-Choice
TCU das Schlafzimmer
TCU das Schlafzimmer by fraudooley 4,414 plays 12p Image Quiz
German Greetings
German Greetings by fraudooley 4,376 plays 12p Image Quiz
German Alphabet
German Alphabet by Germanjoe 4,368 plays 30p Image Quiz
Let's Spell German Numbers !
Let's Spell German Numbers ! by kcoutlaw 4,360 plays 10p Image Quiz
German Road Signs
German Road Signs by Niklas 4,277 plays 25p Image Quiz
Count to twelve in German
Count to twelve in German by Nuclearclown 4,191 plays 12p Image Quiz
M-L das Wetter #2
M-L das Wetter #2 by fraudooley 4,081 plays 6p Image Quiz
Gemüse auf Deutsch
Gemüse auf Deutsch by Germanjoe 3,416 plays 10p Image Quiz
TCU die Waschküche
TCU die Waschküche by fraudooley 3,389 plays 9p Image Quiz

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