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Seed dispersal
Seed dispersal ECby godsent7 12,490 plays 15p Image Quiz
French Fruits and Vegetables
French Fruits and Vegetables ECby Sabine 11,213 plays 28p Image Quiz
Las Frutas
Las Frutas by bode15 5,299 plays 7p Multiple-Choice
Names of Fruit in Spanish
Names of Fruit in Spanish by sworkman415 3,871 plays 15p Shape Quiz
Dried Fruit
Dried Fruit ECby Pitschnass11 2,154 plays 15p Image Quiz
Frutta e Verdura (italian)
Frutta e Verdura (italian) by Wentu 1,090 plays 28p Image Quiz
Fruits of warm climates
Fruits of warm climates by antonio-epc 892 plays 22p Image Quiz
Bon Appetit!
Bon Appetit! by dejjaidali 664 plays 30p Image Quiz
Fruits by isalimac 639 plays 5p Image Quiz
Top 7 Weirdest Fruits
Top 7 Weirdest Fruits ECby KENOR 565 plays 7p Shape Quiz
German Fruits
German Fruits by fattypandafromplymou 535 plays 4p Image Quiz
Nuts (and other snacks)
Nuts (and other snacks) by antonio-epc 294 plays 12p Image Quiz
Ta frouta-fruits
Ta frouta-fruits by RigasF 235 plays 22p Image Quiz
pick the fruit
pick the fruit by iansuen 185 plays 4p Image Quiz
Swedish Fruits
Swedish Fruits by Morlog 179 plays 8p Image Quiz
Italian Language: The Fruits
Italian Language: The Fruits by geosoccer 174 plays 12p Shape Quiz
Tomatoes by Geographonic 162 plays 9p Image Quiz
VOĆE-FRUITS ECby Patrik Tokić 160 plays 9p Shape Quiz
Légume shop
Légume shop by mega8 66 plays 10p Shape Quiz
Character Association
Character Association by kritikaa 44 plays 6p Shape Quiz
Savanna Vegetation Quiz
Savanna Vegetation Quiz by Geographonic 41 plays 12p Image Quiz
Fruits by bellachio 23 plays 19p Image Quiz
Pumpkins and Squashes (Cucurbita)
Pumpkins and Squashes (Cucurbita) ECby Jonas 21 plays 32p Shape Quiz
Fruit names
Fruit names by Blablachouette 19 plays 13p Image Quiz
Herr Guys Lebensmittel
Herr Guys Lebensmittel by JDouglsGuy 15 plays 32p Image Quiz
More fruits and vegetables
More fruits and vegetables by ufoo 14 plays 16p Shape Quiz
Some fruits and vegetables
Some fruits and vegetables by ufoo 7 plays 16p Shape Quiz
Name the fruits in Chinese
Name the fruits in Chinese by herecomes2 6 plays 14p Image Quiz
Name the fruits 2
Name the fruits 2 by herecomes2 3 plays 8p Image Quiz

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Games tagged 'German'

Assorted German
Assorted German11p Image Quiz
die deutschen Tage
die deutschen Tage7p Image Quiz
Die Meinungen
Die Meinungen8p Image Quiz
German Alphabet
German Alphabet30p Image Quiz
Berliner Rathäuser
Berliner Rathäuser15p Image Quiz
Die Kleidung
Die Kleidung30p Image Quiz
German Vocabulary Game
German Vocabulary Game29p Multiple-Choice