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Parts of the Fingerprint
Parts of the Fingerprint by Sunny1 42,015 plays 6p Image Quiz
Bones of the hand (carpals)
Bones of the hand (carpals) by jesszilla18 2,231 plays 7p Image Quiz
Muscles of the Palm
Muscles of the Palm by jvento 285 plays 22p Image Quiz
fingers by kovaleva 246 plays 7p Image Quiz
Bulgarian Hand
Bulgarian Hand by equestenebrarum 240 plays 8p Image Quiz
Ligaments of the finger
Ligaments of the finger by Geographonic 218 plays 11p Image Quiz
LA MANO... by UlisesYođź““ 216 plays 25p Image Quiz
Desert Plants
Desert Plants ECby Geographonic 168 plays 18p Image Quiz
A mao - The hand
A mao - The hand by nerisantos 150 plays 12p Image Quiz
Finger Cross Section
Finger Cross Section by Geographonic 148 plays 9p Image Quiz
Human parts
Human parts by michaelpr 132 plays 6p Image Quiz
5 Finger Quiz
5 Finger Quiz by MrM1ghty 115 plays 5p Shape Quiz

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